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Articles from May 2005

Random Thoughts 103

By Jim Pickerell | 1705 Words | Posted 5/23/2005 | Comments
This issue has stories on: Veer Launches New RF Brand; Imagestate Launches New Website; Coleman Adds Discovery & Robert Harding As Content Partners; Getty Represents Universal Studios Footage; and FutureStock and Scene7.

Panoramic Images Reorganizes

By Jim Pickerell | 632 Words | Posted 5/23/2005 | Comments
Panoramic Images has completed a year-and-a-half re-organization and signed partnership agreements with amana, Discovery, Getty Images, National Geographic and Brand X.

A21 Revenue Up

By Jim Pickerell | 325 Words | Posted 5/21/2005 | Comments
A21, Inc. has reported gross revenue for the first quarter of 2005 of $2,312,000, up 10% from fourth quarter 2004 revenue of $2.1 million. In the first full year of owning SuperStock, a21's revenues were $9,017,292.

Getty Acquires Photonica and Iconica

By Jim Pickerell | 1233 Words | Posted 5/13/2005 | Comments
Getty Images, Inc. has announced that it will acquire Photonica West from the Tokyo-based Amana Group for $51 million in cash. Photonica produces and distributes two of the world's leading collections of cutting edge, high-end rights-managed imagery.

SuperStock Launches Purestock RF Collection

By Jim Pickerell | 843 Words | Posted 5/13/2005 | Comments
SuperStock, Inc., a subsidiary of a21, Inc. has unveiled the new royalty-free brand called "Purestock". Purestock is aimed at an under-serviced niche in the RF market

Random Thoughts 102

By Jim Pickerell | 1501 Words | Posted 5/10/2005 | Comments
This edition has short images on: Bruce Coleman Ltd. Closed Doors, PicScout and Digimark Partner, UK Portrait Agency, Science Faction on and Getty Announces Royalty Arrangements for DV Photographers

May 2005 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 18 Words | Posted 5/10/2005 | Comments
This print edition of the newsletter contains stories on: Adobe--A New Game In Town, Getty Acquires Digital Vision (and quarterly figures), 2004 Results for A21, Workbook Stock Offers RF, Looking at Percentages,,Free Photos for Internet, Quotas At Getty, Getty's Editorial Opportunity, Estimate of Latin American Market, Alamy Doubles Size of Collection and many more short articles.

Jupitermedia Reports Q1 Results

By Jim Pickerell | 637 Words | Posted 5/10/2005 | Comments
Jupitermedia has reported revenues for the first quarter of 2005 at $25.0 million compared to revenues of $14.4 million for the same period last year, an increase of 74%. Net income for the first quarter was $5.5 million, or $0.16 per diluted share, compared to net income of $1.6 million, or $0.06 per diluted share, for the same period last year.

Unanticipated Consequences

By Jim Pickerell | 2132 Words | Posted 5/3/2005 | Comments
Stock agencies are discovering that there are some very serious unanticipated consequences in having an "Image Partner" relationship with Getty Images. Learn about some of the difficulties that image partners face.

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