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Articles from June 2002

Veer Directory

By Jim Pickerell | 1489 Words | Posted 6/21/2002 | Comments
The team behind EyeWire is pioneering a frequent, direct-mail directory that will help Rights-Managed image suppliers sell their images. The Veer Directory of Rights-Managed Stock Imagery is designed to assist buyers in their search for images and to drive traffic to seller's web sites. Only those with searchable web sites will be accepted as advertisers.

Zefa and Masterfile Form Strategic Alliance

By Jim Pickerell | 1042 Words | Posted 6/14/2002 | Comments
visual media international the parent company of ''zefa'' Dusseldorf, has entered into a strategic alliance with Masterfile Corporation in Toronto that has major implications for the industry.

PACA Reorganization

By Jim Pickerell | 561 Words | Posted 6/13/2002 | Comments
PACA has been forced to reorganize and dramatically cut costs in the face of severe financial losses in 2001. The Seventh International Conference will be held in South Beach, Miami, Florida this year.

Marshall Resigns

By Jim Pickerell | 412 Words | Posted 6/12/2002 | Comments
Sheldon Marshall has resigned from ImageState after the board decided to focus on organic growth rather than growth through acquisition. Chris Adamson is serving as acting Chief Executive Office until a new CEO can be hired.

CEPIC International Congress

By Jim Pickerell | 1878 Words | Posted 6/5/2002 | Comments
The CEPIC annual Congress has clearly become the premier place for stock agents from around the world to meet and do business. This year 446 delegates from 33 countries met in Budapest from May 24th through 26th. This report deals with some of the high points of the Congress.

Corbis Reorganizes At The Top

By Jim Pickerell | 1065 Words | Posted 6/5/2002 | Comments
Corbis has realigned its top leadership by dissolving the co-president structure and naming Steve Davis CEO and Tony Rojas Chief Operating Officer. Leslie Hughes will be leaving the company as of June 30th.

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