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Articles from July 1998

National Geographic Potpourri

By Jim Pickerell | 1151 Words | Posted 7/30/1998 | Comments
At National Geographic there are several new developments relative to their CD-ROM production and payment for lost transparencies.

Myths About An Electronic Future

By Jim Pickerell | 1925 Words | Posted 7/27/1998 | Comments
In a series of seminars they are giving around the country Index Stock Imagery is debunking some current ''myths'' about the electronic future. They provide detailed information about their agency's operation that will be useful to all stock sellers.

Corbis Buys Outline

By Jim Pickerell | 408 Words | Posted 7/27/1998 | Comments
Corbis has acquired Outline Press which specializes in high quality studio portraits of celebrities. The Edge assignment division of Outline/Edge was not part of the acquisition and is still owned by Jim Roehrig.

Graphic Designer Use Of Royalty Free

By Jim Pickerell | 348 Words | Posted 7/27/1998 | Comments
Graphic Design:USA reports that 60% of creative professionals use ''royalty free'' images. Included with this story is a list of addresses and contact numbers for various ''royalty free'' producers

Bridgeman Art Library Sues Corel

By Jim Pickerell | 425 Words | Posted 7/27/1998 | Comments
The Bridgeman Art Library of London has sued Corel over the unauthorized use of copyrighted photographs of fine art paintings. The case will determine whether the photographic renditions of historic paintings that are owned by major art galleries are protected by copyright as Bridgeman contends.

July 1998 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 8134 Words | Posted 7/10/1998 | Comments
This issue contains stories on: Are Production Shoots In Your Future?, Sales From Direct Stock 6, Index Acquires Picture Cube and Stock Imagery, Digital Object Identifiers, PACA Adopts "Rights Protected" Term.

Legal News

By Jim Pickerell | 2019 Words | Posted 7/8/1998 | Comments
Boston photographer settles for 23 times the normal fee he would have charged for picture the Boston Herald grabbed from the Discovery Online web site. In another case in New York the judge made some ''fair use'' determinations that may be useful to photographers fighting ''fair use'' claims in the future.

The Classroom in 2005

By Jim Pickerell | 1503 Words | Posted 7/8/1998 | Comments
The theme of a recent ASPP meeting in Chicago was ''Where Will Eductional Publishing Be In 2005?'' Encyclopedia, textbook and research professionals gave some interesting insights.

Flashpix By Live Picture

By Jim Pickerell | 951 Words | Posted 7/6/1998 | Comments
Live Pictures' FlashPix technology is being used on-line to allow buyers to zoom in on details within an image. Samples of how it works can be seen at

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