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Articles from July 1999

Getty's Customer Facing Structure

By Jim Pickerell | 1622 Words | Posted 7/28/1999 | Comments
Getty Images has announced an internal re-organization to arrange their seven ''brands'' into four customer-facing divisions and to produce vertical hub sites for each division. The strategy is outlined and some of the difficulties for photographers are examined.

Exclusive World Rights to Catalog Similars

By Jim Pickerell | 1183 Words | Posted 7/28/1999 | Comments
More agencies are deciding that their survival as they compete with RF is dependent on being able to sell high-end exclusive rights. To do this they believe they need to control the rights to all similars to their catalog images, not just the image itself. This tends to limit sales, and gross dollar volume, for many photographers and is creating quite a dilemma.

Royalty Free and Market Size

By Jim Pickerell | 640 Words | Posted 7/28/1999 | Comments
As more and more customers choose Royalty Free over Rights Protected Images the overall size of the market for stock photos, in terms of dollars, not number of images used, is changing. Consider the statistics.

July 1999 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 6807 Words | Posted 7/10/1999 | Comments
With this file you can print out the entire July 1999 issue of SELLING STOCK which includes: Comstock For Sale, Business Week Raises Rates, Editorial Photo Forum, Corbis Acquires Sygma, Geographic Guilty of Copyright Infringement, TSI Pricing Structures, Getty Buys, ''Artists Choice'' at EyeWire and more.

Random Thoughts 10

By Jim Pickerell | 792 Words | Posted 7/7/1999 | Comments
Several short items including: TSI Production Shoots, Video Pirates, Web Advertising Rates, Lifting Images Off The Net and more.

Business Week Raised Rates

By Jim Pickerell | 302 Words | Posted 7/7/1999 | Comments
Business Week has announced an interm rate increase after receiving pressure from a group of editorial photographers. Negotiations are continuing with two full proposals on the table and more is expected by fall.

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