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Articles from July 2004

Our Digital Challenge

By Chris Bain | 2261 Words | Posted 7/30/2004 | Comments
Chris Bain,Photography Director for Barnes & Noble provides a buyers perspective on the quality of digital files and digital delivery. He also outlines problems that some sellers may be overlooking.

Waterloo For The Paparazzi?

By Jonathan Coad | 834 Words | Posted 7/30/2004 | Comments
Celebrity photographers may be at great legal risk when photographing public figures in private places. They may have fewer rights than they might think. This story by Jonathan Coad on the case Von Hannover vs. Germany outlines a new legal decision in Europe that photographers should note.

Digital Creation Or Film?

By Jim Pickerell | 1739 Words | Posted 7/30/2004 | Comments
For some time I have been advising stock photographers to "shoot digital" and transition as quickly as possible to digital workflow. Recently, I discovered that some agencies still prefer to receive film. Learn about some of the problems agencies are encountering with digital submissions.

Random Thoughts 83

By Jim Pickerell | 2212 Words | Posted 7/30/2004 | Comments
This story has short items on: Great Art Directors Think Alike, Jupitermedia Acquired Thinkstock, Online Ad Growth Predicted, How 18-34 Males Are Reinventing Advertising, Masterfile To Use PicScout, New TrendWatch Stock Image Report, and Index Expands With

Getty, Second Quarter 2004

By Jim Pickerell | 1264 Words | Posted 7/24/2004 | Comments
Getty Images has reported second quarter revenue of $150.3 million compared to $127.7 million in Q2 2003. Operating income grew 67.6 percent to $39.8 million, or 26.5 percent of revenue, compared to $23.8 million, or 18.6 percent of revenue, in Q2 2003. A number of interesting details related to their operation and future planning were revealed in the conference call.

Is Freeny Patent Industry Threat?

By Nancy e. Wolff | 2770 Words | Posted 7/19/2004 | Comments
Nancy Wolff, Esq., General Counsel for PACA, has provided some history on the Freeny Patent and reviewed the latest legal maneuvers to help readers understand the implications for the Stock Photo Industry. This article was first published in the PACA Newsletter on July 13, 2004 and is reprinted with Permission of Ms. Wolff and PACA.

Upper Cut Images

By Jim Pickerell | 2155 Words | Posted 7/16/2004 | Comments
Upper Cut Images is a new Rights Managed stock agency that expects to launch in early 2005 with 10,000 to 20,000 high end images covering all the major advertising categories according to Ellen Boughn, Vice President and Creative Director. The agency has currently signed about 20 photographers and is looking for a few more experienced stock shooters who are aggressive producers.

Random Thoughts 82

By Jim Pickerell | 1263 Words | Posted 7/16/2004 | Comments
This story has items on: a21 Sells Headquarters for $7.5 Million, Zefa Offering DV and Stockbyte Collections, More CEPIC From Stockbyte, Ablestock Adds Keith Levit Collection, PictureQuest Upgrades Site, Getty vs. Getty, and Buyer Interest in Color Management.

July 2004 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 5429 Words | Posted 7/1/2004 | Comments
This issue of the print edition of Selling Stock has stories on: Visual Search, Getty Launches Stone+, Subscription Stock, Stock Photo Market Size, 100% Digital Workflow, Stockdisc - Low Priced RF from Stockbyte, Zefa Uncovers Massive Unauthorized Use Online, E-Data Sues Getty & Corbis, Veer & Photonica, Science & Medical Agents, PACA Sets Dates for International Conference and more.

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