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Articles from August 1996

Corbis Update

By Jim Pickerell | 758 Words | Posted 8/6/1996 | Comments
  • Corbis Corp. has signed a long-term agreement with The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust for the electronic rights to works by the legendary American Photographer.
  • Vince Streano has signed a standard photographer agreement to supply images to Corbis.
  • Stock Subjects In Demand

    By Jim Pickerell | 658 Words | Posted 8/6/1996 | Comments
    Sales trends for the last couple of years.

    New Acquisitions

    By Jim Pickerell | 533 Words | Posted 8/6/1996 | Comments
    Getty Communications Group Limited has announced the acquisition of the London-based Hulton Deutsch Collection (The Hulton).
    Index Stock, of New York and Southern Stock of Fort Lauderdale, FL will combine operations with the Southern Stock file.

    Photog Settles for $72,000

    By Jim Pickerell | 1297 Words | Posted 8/6/1996 | Comments
    Mary Allen has received a $72,500 settlement for unauthorized use of her 1989 campaign portrait of Rudy Giuliani, current mayor of New York City.

    New Copyright Regulations

    By Jim Pickerell | 762 Words | Posted 8/2/1996 | Comments
    The copyright office has proposed new regulations for registering images.

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