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Articles from August 2000

Contract Negotiations

By Jim Pickerell | 778 Words | Posted 8/24/2000 | Comments
Photographers with Getty Images and Corbis are concerned about contract terms, but many have a tendency to overlook the overall business strategies of these two companies. Understanding how these strategies differ from those of traditional stock photo agencies is critical and much more important than contract terms.

Looking for Marketing Options

By Jim Pickerell | 2299 Words | Posted 8/24/2000 | Comments
Photographers unaffiliated with Getty or Corbis can still sell stock images, but to reach their maximmum potential income they may need a variety of services outlined in this article.

By Jim Pickerell | 2650 Words | Posted 8/24/2000 | Comments, in the United Kingdom, will launch a new brokerage service designed to aid photographers in marketing their work through the Internet. Alexandra Bortkiewicz, formerly with Tony Stone Images, is Director of Photography.

What Is The Right File Size

By Jim Pickerell | 846 Words | Posted 8/11/2000 | Comments
When it comes to digital file size Bigger is usually considered Better. But, there are some down sides to always trying to offer the customer the largest possible file. This issue is explored in this article.

Selling Worldwide on the Internet

By Jim Pickerell | 4655 Words | Posted 8/11/2000 | Comments
This article explains why sub-agents will continue to play an important and necessary role in the licensing of images marketed on the Internet. Many photographers think the Internet will make it possible to eliminate the middleman. This will not happen.

PACA Photographer's Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 1756 Words | Posted 8/11/2000 | Comments
In the spring, PACA surveyed photographers in an effort to get a sense as to how the picture agency community could better serve photographers. This article details the results.

Image Exclusive and Non-exclusive

By Jim Pickerell | 617 Words | Posted 8/11/2000 | Comments
This story explains the differences betweeen Image-Exclusive and Non-Exclusive and the photographer's rights in each case. It also discusses how a ''Similars'' definition affects value in an Image-Exclusive relationship.

Corbis/Getty Contract Comparisons

By Jim Pickerell | 2460 Words | Posted 8/3/2000 | Comments
With Corbis offering 45% on commercial sales and 50% on editorial sales, and offering to eliminate catalog fees, I have prepared a comparison to show how photographers might benefit if Getty were to match these rates.

Getty Images Has Fat Quarter

By Jim Pickerell | 1279 Words | Posted 8/3/2000 | Comments
Getty's 2nd quarter shows flat revenue growth after an outstanding 1st quarter. Total sales were $123.6 million up from $104.8 million in the 1st quarter. However, this was the first full quarter that included VCG revenues which should have been approximately $22.5 million based on 1999 figures.

Random Thoughts 21

By Jim Pickerell | 2087 Words | Posted 8/3/2000 | Comments
Stories in this issue include: Getty Call Center Statistics, Getty Pricing Strategy, Usage Fees Rising at Stock Connection, Cost of Credit Card Sales, Webshots Update, Boston Globe Update, AntiquesPortfolio Case in U.K., and new Managing Director at BIF in Mexico.

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