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Articles from August 2002

Rowell Killed In Plane Crash

By Jim Pickerell | 354 Words | Posted 8/17/2002 | Comments
Renowned adventure photographer Galen Rowell and his wife Barbara were killed August 11th in a plane crash near their home in Bishop, CA. They were returning from a three week photo workshop in the Bering Sea.

Creative Eye Seeks Additional Funds

By Jim Pickerell | 827 Words | Posted 8/17/2002 | Comments
Creative Eye is asking member photographers to approve an assessment of $750 each in order to keep its doors open beyond October 1, 2002. If a sufficient number of members do not agree to this assessment by August 23rd CE has said it will begin the process of an orderly shut down as of September 1st.

Masterfile Drops First-Refusal

By Jim Pickerell | 568 Words | Posted 8/3/2002 | Comments
Until recently Masterfile had been one of the last major agencies to insist that every photographer they represented be exclusive with them. Earlier this year they moved to an image-exclusive contract with all their artists, but they still insisted on the right-of-first-refusal. Now they have eliminated that as well. This provides great new opportunities for photographers.


By Jim Pickerell | 1829 Words | Posted 8/3/2002 | Comments
One of the big problems in building a business by acquisition is that eventually integration of the smaller entities is necessary. Getty and Corbis are both facing integration problems now. Check out some of the hurdles that photographers should consider as they move ahead.

Random Thoughts 50

By Jim Pickerell | 1062 Words | Posted 8/3/2002 | Comments
In this issue are points for RF distributors to consider about Digital Vision's new alliance with Getty, Getty and Klein Sell Shares, Corbis Sales of Editorial Images For Advertising, PictureQuest to Set Up German Office, Imagefile in Ireland Splits and Pictor Folds.

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