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Articles from August 2003

Jupitermedia Acquires ArtToday

By Jim Pickerell | 1096 Words | Posted 8/18/2003 | Comments and its subscription service was recently acquired by Jupitermedia. has 70,000 images online, and has been more than doubling revenue every six months. Alan Meckler, Jupitermedia's Chairman, expects to generate more than 50% of the ArtToday division revenue in 8 to 15 months. is seeking RF content from photographers and agencies.

Random Thoughts 66

By Jim Pickerell | 2728 Words | Posted 8/18/2003 | Comments
This group of stories includes: Corbis Sues Amazon; new Masterfile promotion; changes in RM Pricing, Search Result Methodology and Photographer's Choice at Getty; General Motors Launces PhotoStore; Digital Workflow at Corbis; Clement Mok Offers New Subscription RF Pricing Strategy; Book Sale Statistics; On-Request Images and more.

Solus Rumors Incorrect

By Jim Pickerell | 530 Words | Posted 8/5/2003 | Comments
Rumors have been floating around the industry that Solus Images has been sold, but Ari Kopelman, President of Solus, says they are ''categorically incorrect.'' Solus is still owned by Kopelman, Ira Shapiro and the investment bankers. For more about Solus see this story.

Corbis Iron Mountain Storage

By Mary Battiata | 6875 Words | Posted 8/1/2003 | Comments
This article is a reprint of a Washington Post Sunday Magazine story that explores the issue of, ''Why has Bill Gates stashed millions of the greatest images of the 20th century under a mountain in Pennsylvania?'' Writer Mary Battiata visited the site.

Is Corbis Headed For An IPO?

By Jim Pickerell | 792 Words | Posted 8/1/2003 | Comments
According to the Puget Sound Business Journal followers of Corbis believe a public offering may be in the planning stages. VP Jennifer Hurshell said ''We haven't ruled out categorically diversifying ownership, but we have no plans at this time.''

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