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Articles from September 1997

Royalty Free at Comstock

By Jim Pickerell | 7134 Words | Posted 9/30/1997 | Comments
Henry Scanlon explains why Comstock is supplying Royalty Free Images and the industry changes that have necessitated this decision. This is the full text of the edited question and answer article that appeared in the September 1997 issue of Photo District News.

Getty & PhotoDisc Merge

By Jim Pickerell | 3799 Words | Posted 9/24/1997 | Comments
Getty Communications merges with PhotoDisc to become the worlds leading supplier of stock photography with a combined estimated 1997 sale in excess of $140 million.

Kodak Buys PNI

By Jim Pickerell | 626 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Kodak's Entertainment Imaging Division has purchased Picture Network International. They expect increased demand by corporate users of PNI's ''Media Host'' application.

Contracts - Be Specific

By Jim Pickerell | 396 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Recommended language for invoices and other contracts, to protect your secondary rights.

MIRA Sales Contest

By Jim Pickerell | 262 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Two photographers report sales by the Media Images Resource Alliance of MPCA and ASMP.

Stock Agency Contracts

By Jim Pickerell | 295 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
In some case photographers may be receiving a reduced share of gross overseas sales as an increasing number of foreign sub-agencies are taking 50% of gross instead of the traditional 40%.

Purcell & AOL - Update

By Jim Pickerell | 866 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Carl and Ann Purcell file a multimillion-dollar suit against AOL for 18,500 copyright infringements. See article 83 in the Archives under Internet.

Photogs Fight For Rights

By Jim Pickerell | 962 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Twelve National Geographic photographers hire legal counsel to pursue ''appropriate compensation'' for the use of over 2700 of their images on a set of CD-ROM discs due for release this fall.

Digital Re-Use

By Jim Pickerell | 2334 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Federal judge finds in favor of publishers rights to reuse material on the Internet or CD-ROM without additionally compensating the creators for this use.

Digital Search Methods

By Jim Pickerell | 649 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
With increased focus toward the use of on-line databases to search for images it is important for photographers to have a basic understanding of the strategies for finding images on-line.

Tony Stone Images Responds

By Jim Pickerell | 502 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Stephen Mayes, Group Creative Director of Tony Stone Images, responds to an article on their ''Interpretations'' catalog that appeared in the July issue of Taking Stock. See article 79 in Archives under stock agencies.

On-Line From London

By Jim Pickerell | 413 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
On-line site in London may offer a strategy for small specialist agencies and individual photographers to increase their sales on the Internet.

Graphic Design:USA Survey - 1997

By Jim Pickerell | 267 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
New Graphic Design:USA survey reports on use of stock photography by Graphic Designers.

Corbis In Japan

By Jim Pickerell | 290 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Corbis has expanded their worldwide distribution of film images (not digital files) with an agreement with Pacific Press Service in Tokyo.

New Name - Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 338 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Taking Stock changes its name to SELLING STOCK as it enters its eighth year of publication.

Index Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 2379 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
A detailed look at Index Stock and their ''Photos To Go'' concept of marketing to small business users.

PACA Responds to NGI

By Jim Pickerell | 475 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
PACA sends strong letter to National Geographic Interactive protesting their planned reuse of images without making appropriate compensation to the creators.

Brian Wolske Leaves TSI

By Jim Pickerell | 135 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Brian Wolske, head of Tony Stone Images North American operates leaves the industry to pursue a career in the security trading.

Cat Sales vs. Master Dupe

By Jim Pickerell | 544 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
For years an overwhelming majority of sales of images for corporate or advertising uses have been for images that appeared in print catalogs. Now, select files at various agencies may be capturing an increasing share of this market.

Brian Seed on TSI

By Brian Seed | 587 Words | Posted 9/17/1997 | Comments
Brian Seed calls the Tony Stone Images ''Interpretations'' catalog a ''truly creative work, with images that are liberated from the old, hidebound, generic stock categories.'' See article 79 in Archives under stock agencies.

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