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Articles from September 2003

RF Impact On Stock Revenue

By Jim Pickerell | 1335 Words | Posted 9/22/2003 | Comments
A photographer asked recently, ''What is your take on the theory that the overall world market for imagery (based on revenue) has been significantly diluted by the emergence of RF and it's generous licensing terms?'' My short answer is that world revenue was flat in the 90's and has dipped slightly in the past couple years, but RF has not been the principle cause. See this article for a more explanation.

Changes At Corbis

By Jim Pickerell | 651 Words | Posted 9/22/2003 | Comments
Corbis has eliminated certain positions including those of COO, Tony Rojas; VP of Worldwide Sales, Bruce Cheseborough; and VP Systems, Bob St. Clair in an effort to reduce and flatten the executive organization and ''drive functional decision-making more deeply into the company and maximize efficiencies across all business units,'' according to Steve Davis in an internal memo to the staff.

Random Thoughts 67

By Jim Pickerell | 1965 Words | Posted 9/22/2003 | Comments
This article has short items on: Corbis Partners with Fratelli Alinari. Ressmeyer Moves to RGB Labs, Media Bakery Offers RF Assignment Services, Wonderfile Offers Visual Search, New Deveopments in Zefa/Masterfile Alliance and the Move to Digital Production.

Performance Bonds

By Jim Pickerell | 1108 Words | Posted 9/22/2003 | Comments
Photographers shooting RM need to look at options other than speculative shooting for financing future shoots given the difficulty in getting a significant number of images into marketing. This story explores Performance Bonds that are used to a great extent in Europe.

Re-Evaluation of Royalty Free

By Jim Pickerell | 2170 Words | Posted 9/22/2003 | Comments
It is time for many photographers to take another look at Royalty Free. Sometimes it is wise and prudent to re-assess long held strategies and philosophies and make dramatic adjustments rather than doggedly sticking to a long held idea or approach. This article explains why.

Getty Adjusts Search Results Weight

By Jim Pickerell | 1644 Words | Posted 9/10/2003 | Comments
Getty has made dramatic changes in the results they deliver when customers do searches on This is likely to lead to a dramatic increase in RM sales for the 3rd quarter and a corresponding decline in RF sales for the same period, as well as a decline in the sales of 3rd Party images.

Property Release Dilemma

By Jim Pickerell | 4061 Words | Posted 9/3/2003 | Comments
The stock photo industry is rapidly moving to the point where there are more photo subjects you can't use for commercial purposes than those you can. Everyone wants ''iconic'' photos that viewers will instantly recognize, but many such subjects can not be used due to property and trademark rights. The ''List'' will grow!

SAA Evaluates On Request

By Jim Pickerell | 797 Words | Posted 9/3/2003 | Comments
The StockArtistsAlliance (SAA) takes issue with the OnRequest Images business model Selling Stock discussed in Random Thoughts 574. They are deeply concerned about the effects this new assignment service may have on the stock photo industry and believe this business model will be detrimental to the interests of Rights Managed stock photographers. In this story they provide their analysis.

Property Releases Dilemma

By Jim Pickerell | 4265 Words | Posted 9/3/2003 | Comments
The stock photo industry is rapidly moving to the point where there are more photo subjects you can’t use for commercial purposes than those you can.

September 2003 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 3621 Words | Posted 9/1/2003 | Comments
This issue includes stories on: Getty Having Best Year Ever, Getty's RM Pricing, list of Leading Stock Sellers, Is Corbis Headed For IPO?, NFL Closing Photo Library, Iconica, Solus Rumors, RF Seat Licenses, Vitucci to ImageState, ArtToday Acquired, OnRequest Images and SAA's reaction to story, and more.

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