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Microstock: Abundance, Client Viewpoints Drive Prices

By Leslie Hughes | 527 Words | Posted 10/2/2009 | Comments (2)
We all can agree with Kelly Thompson's sentiment that technology and new business models have a huge impact on this industry. Microstock, however, is not really a new technology but a new way to sell royalty-free images cheaper--a repackaging of sorts.

Business Planning for the Future: New Business Models Needed

By Leslie Hughes | 1073 Words | Posted 8/25/2009 | Comments
Jim Pickerell's piece on growth in demand focuses on why the current paradigm does not work for solo photographers but misses the fact that growing image uses also offer opportunities. For the stock photo industry, the issue is not lack of demand but rather the lack of Google, Gillette and Apple-like innovation when it comes to developing a business model that takes advantage of the rise in image uses.

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