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Tom Grill - Adaptable To Change

By Pat Hunt | 1628 Words | Posted 5/24/2007 | Comments
He's been called everything from the father of stock photography to the sage and guru of the industry. Now his biggest source of pride is being the father of a top stock shooter. This describes Tom and Jamie Grill, the father/daughter stock producing duo and powerhouse creative team.

Content Creation Partner

By Pat Hunt | 1163 Words | Posted 3/29/2007 | Comments
Jack Hollingsworth is a top commercial image producer and Content Creation Partner. He plays a key role, both day-by-day as well as strategically for this changing era of stock photography. This story explains what it means to be a content creation partner compared to a stock photographer.

Alamy Images - Interview With James West

By Pat Hunt | 2802 Words | Posted 4/14/2006 | Comments
Recently Pat Hunt interviewed James West to learn a little more about the many behind Alamy. West is one of the new breed of young creative CEOs who can spot a great business model and run with it. Since 1999, he and Alamy have been breaking rules in the imaging industry and building momentum fast.

Subscription Stock

By Pat Hunt | 2763 Words | Posted 5/25/2004 | Comments
The newest way to sell stock photography is through subscriptions. The image quality is improving, the fees for usage are low, and most companies engaged in this line of business wholly own most of the images they license. The number of customers using subscription services is growing significantly. Pat Hunt has taken a look at the major player and explained how the business works.

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