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Streamlining Copyright In The Digital Age

By Sarah Saunders | 1927 Words | Posted 8/8/2012 | Comments
In November 2010 the UK government called for an independent review of the Intellectual Property laws and practices. Among the recommendations in a report submitted by Professor Ian Hargreaves and a panel of experts in May 2011 was the creation of a Digital Copyright Exchange.  Next, was another study that offers some workable solutions to the problems addressed in the first report. Sarah Saunders has examined this latest effort.

IPTC Challenges Media Vendors to Join-the-Dots on Metadata

By Sarah Saunders | 639 Words | Posted 5/12/2011 | Comments
The IPTC (International Telecommunications Council) is challenging vendors across the media industry to create the conditions for interoperability for metadata embedded in media files. Following a 2006 Metadata Manifesto issued by the Stock Artists Alliance, the IPTC has created a new updated document the Embedded Metadata Manifesto to cover all media types, including stills and video. The manifesto outlines a set of 5 principles.

A Rolling Stone

By Sarah Saunders | 1914 Words | Posted 1/7/2002 | Comments
This interview with Tony Stone was written by Sarah Saunders and first appeared in Visuell in October 2001. It provides insight into where he thinks the industry should be headed, but he is still not ready to define his new role.

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