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5 Forward

By Tom Grill | 3304 Words | Posted 11/18/2010 | Comments (5)
Recently, a new country album by Taylor Swift shocked the music industry by selling over 1million copies in its first week. This is unheard of in a music business, which has suffered similar woes to stock photography.  In the past decade, album sales have declined by more than 50%, yet Taylor Swift managed to buck the trend. Is there a lesson to be learned by stock shooters from her success?

50 x $200 = 200 x $50

By Tom Grill | 979 Words | Posted 7/27/2010 | Comments (3)
Ed.: Tom Grill originally wrote on the subject of volume relative to price last November. The sentiment remains true today: like it or not, the industry is changing dramatically, and the winners will be those who can adapt to the new paradigm.

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