Appropriation Artist Richard Prince Sued

Posted on 1/13/2009 by Julia Dudnik Stern | Printable Version | Comments (3)

Richard Prince, the "appropriation" artist whose work is exhibited at the level of the Guggenheim and sets records at contemporary art auctions, will have to defend himself in a copyright-infringement lawsuit brought by photographer Patrick Cariou.

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  • Don FarrallI know Jim Krantz, and he has always been considered a talented commercial photographer, the kind who is hired for his artistic abilities. This claim of "Fair Use" is BS!

    If there really isn't any legal recourse then the photographers who's work has been stolen in this way should produce their own "big prints" of the work and sell them as competitive art. They certainly have the right to. Doing so might generate some money for the true authors of the works, and at the same time it might devalue the "Prince" originals, which of course aren't originals at all. These guys should show up at the Christies auctions with their own copies in hand.

    Don Farrall Posted on Jan 14, 2009
  • Rio Helmi Let's see: I work for years building up skills and a portfolio, have meetings with agency people, then I get the assignment, bust my a.. getting everything organized, doing the creative (at the very least the p.a. I pay does), my imaging people burn the midnight oil meeting the deadline, my admin people do their thing making sure my assistants get paid ( and all other location etc fees too), and hopefully I have enough left over to pay rent/mortgage, buy equipment, put my kids through school etc.

    Then Prince saunters up, snaps a picture of the final result of all that back breaking work (long before it becomes public domain), prints it out (oh yeah. shoot he might spend 2 hours on the computer "fixing it" (more or less resizing it) - and makes $1.2 million?

    (Oh yeah of course, I forgot, he has to pay the galleries say 40%. Poor guy, he only takes home 720K. Ah well I guess it didn't take too much of his time...)

    He is not only ripping off the photog, he is also ripping off everyone else involved in the initial process. There's a biological term for this phenomena: Parasite.

    R Posted on Jan 14, 2009
  • Rio Helmi oops, meant the p.a. does the organisation ! Posted on Jan 14, 2009

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