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Photos Shot In 2017

By Jim Pickerell | 621 Words | Posted 12/7/2017 | Comments
According to Statista 1,200 billion photos will be taken worldwide in 2017. Not surprisingly,  85% of them will be taken with Smartphones, 4.7% taken with Tablets and only 10.3% were taken with digital cameras. That works out to about 123,600,000,000 photos taken with digital cameras. A very small percentage of these will be made available available for licensing.

Shutterstock Contributor App Upgraded

By Jim Pickerell | 146 Words | Posted 4/15/2016 | Comments
The Shutterstock Contributor App that contributors may obtain from the Apple App store has been upgraded to allow contributors to directly attach, upload and manage model and property releases to their images from their phones.

What Does The Image Producing CROWD Want?

By Jim Pickerell | 1355 Words | Posted 5/28/2015 | Comments
Many traditional suppliers of stock image (those that have been in business 15, 20 years or more) need to give some thought to what the image producing crowd wants. They need to consider possible ways of adjusting their business model in order to meet some of the needs of these part-time image creators.  And they need to recognize how these photographers may change the entire stock photography licensing business.

Getty Using Instagram To Find Photographers

By Jim Pickerell | 510 Words | Posted 5/13/2015 | Comments
Getty Images, in collaboration with Instagram, has announced a call for entries for a new grant to support photographers using Instagram to document stories from underrepresented communities around the world. The three winners will each receive $10,000.

Scoopshot Offers Image Embed With IAN

By Jim Pickerell | 670 Words | Posted 11/26/2014 | Comments
Scoopshot is the latest to jump on the embed bandwagon. When users find an image they want to use they have the option of paying the listed price for a download or “Use For Free.” Get more information about how it works.

Dreamstime Launches Dreamstime Companion iOS and Android

By Jim Pickerell | 553 Words | Posted 7/16/2014 | Comments
Dreamstime has released Dreamstime Companion, a new iPhone and Android free mobile app that enables photographers to upload their own images directly from their smartphones. The uploaded images can be purchased by Dreamstime's more than eight million users, the largest designer database in the stock photography industry. More than 2,500 new photographers join Dreamstime every month, and the site now has more than 15 million monthly unique visitors.

Permission Machine

By Jim Pickerell | 1170 Words | Posted 4/8/2014 | Comments
The Permission Machine (PM) is a startup in Belgium that is trying to educate social media users that they need permission to use the images they find on the web and provide them with a simple, easy way to license uses.

Fotolia Announced $5,000 Prize For iPhone Image

By Jim Pickerell | 458 Words | Posted 3/5/2014 | Comments
Fotolia has announced that it will award a prize of $5,000 USD for the best selling image in 2014 that was uploaded to its new Instant Collection for iPhones. In addition, every image accepted in the Instant Collection before the end of April, will instantly earn $1. Now everyone has a chance to sell smartphone images, regardless of technical ability or expensive equipment. Contest details here:

Alamy Introduces Stockimo An iPhone App

By Jim Pickerell | 782 Words | Posted 2/19/2014 | Comments
Alamy has jumped into the mobile photography business with Stockimo, a new iPhone app that lets photographers upload pictures taken from their iPhone. Stockimo is open to anyone. Alamy contributors who were with the company before the Stockimo launch will receive a 50% royalty. Contributors who are new to Alamy and just submitting iPhone photos will receive a 20% royalty.

FlashStock Inc., Another Distributor Of CellPhone Pics

By Jim Pickerell | 643 Words | Posted 1/22/2014 | Comments
Do companies need an inexpensive catalogue of company-specific images showing their products and services being used by consumers? FlashStock, Inc. thinks they do. Do the companies still need such images if that are all shot by part-time, amateur photographers using cellphones?

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2014 Competition Announced

By Jim Pickerell | 331 Words | Posted 12/4/2013 | Comments
The 2014 “Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year” competition with a top prize of £5,000 has been announced. Professional and amateur photographers can submit their food images until January 31, 2014. The winner will be selected in London and announced on April 23, 2014 in a festive ceremony at the London’s “Mall Galleries.“

Announcing Stipple Mobile and Stipple Search

By Jim Pickerell | 297 Words | Posted 10/24/2013 | Comments
Stipple has introduced two new products: Stipple Mobile and Stipple Search. With Stipple Mobil you can create Stippled photos right from your phone. Easily add videos from your camera and YouTube; Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia profiles; and more to your photos. Photographers can instantly share everything on Facebook and Twitter.

Fotolia Launches Mobile App And New Collection

By Jim Pickerell | 454 Words | Posted 10/7/2013 | Comments
In response to the new trends in Smartphone use, social media and mobile phone Fotolia is launching a new app and collection, uniquely designed for Smartphone photos. Created for iPhone 4 and up, Fotolia Instant offers fresh, new “in-the-moment” images taken using the new app, which allows users to shoot and upload to Fotolia directly from their Smartphone.

Foap Raises $1.5 Million

By Jim Pickerell | 178 Words | Posted 8/12/2013 | Comments
Swedish mobile photography startup Foap has secured $1.5 million in funding that will go towards further growing the company. The company will be taking its first steps into the American market by opening an office in New York in September.

Is Crowdsourced Photojournalism The Future?

By Jim Pickerell | 1156 Words | Posted 8/9/2013 | Comments
Many expect users of mobile phones with decent cameras with constant connectivity to the world to be the next disruptors of the stock photography business. Crowd sources photojournalism is expected to cut into the business of the long-suffering professional news photographers. Here are some thoughts as to why crowd-sourced mobile photography may not be the boom angel investors are hoping for.

Yuri Speaks

By Jim Pickerell | 952 Words | Posted 7/26/2013 | Comments
Yuri Arcurs has written a long post entitled “Microstock sees its first major setback in 6 years and here’s why.” In it he explains (1) why he is pulling his images out of all microstock agencies except iStockphoto and his own, (2) why he decided to go exclusive with Getty, (3) why mobile, crowd sourced photography is “a serious threat to stock photography” and (4) why he has invested $1.4 million in Scoopshot. This article is a must read for everyone in the industry.

Crowd Sourced Photojournalism

By Jim Pickerell | 1359 Words | Posted 7/22/2013 | Comments
We are moving rapidly toward a time when a large portion of the news photographs we see will be crowd sourced. There may be no way to slow this trend, but it raises some serious questions for those trying to earn a living as news photographers, or those who hope to take up this career in the future.

Yuri Arcurs Invests $1.2 Million in Scoopshot

By Jim Pickerell | 455 Words | Posted 7/16/2013 | Comments
Backed by Yuri Arcurs, Scoopshot is launching a new service for crowdsourcing photography on-demand in minutes after the customer makes a request. Scoopshot gives photo buyers the ability to instantaneously place assignments in front of the company’s global network of 280,000+ mobile photographers.

Alamy Founders Invest in “Manything” Startup

By Jim Pickerell | 432 Words | Posted 7/5/2013 | Comments
James West (Alamy CEO) and Mike Fischer (Alamy Chairman) have invested in a smartphone video start up called Manything, an innovative new video recording service that uses smartphones and tablets as remote video cameras.

Scoopshot To Launch Web Platform

By Jim Pickerell | 392 Words | Posted 5/28/2013 | Comments
Scoopshot is scheduled to release a new web-based platform later this month that will make task creation publicly available. This is expected to increase the number of users, the quality of the content, create more brand visibility and increase user engagement for their media partners.

Mobile Images At iStockphoto

By Jim Pickerell | 374 Words | Posted 5/2/2013 | Comments
Since the fall of 2012 iStockphoto had been accepting pictures taken with mobile devices. Currently they have 7433 images on the site. So far, they do not allow contributors to upload their photos directly from their mobile devices. It is not clear whether they are accepting images from contributors who only shoot with a camera phone, or whether they are just encouraging their regular contributors to also submit some images they shoot with their phones.

Selling Instagram Photos

By Jim Pickerell | 289 Words | Posted 4/18/2013 | Comments
The Instagram community of 100 million users will have a new way to market their images with the August 2013 launch of InstaStockImages.

Scoopshot Partners With Ebyline

By Jim Pickerell | 324 Words | Posted 4/17/2013 | Comments
Scoopshot, the global crowdsourcing photo and video service has announced a global alliance with Ebyline, a company which helps media publishers, agencies and brands to collaborate with professional freelance journalists worldwide by providing workflow tools.

Mobile Goes Mainstream

By Jim Pickerell | 326 Words | Posted 2/1/2013 | Comments
Mobile photography has made huge strides in a short time. Customers are using images shot with mobile devices. Image distributors are accepting mobile images into their collections. And the quality improves with each new generation of phones. iStockphoto has just published list of mobile photography tips that will help photographers produce images of commercial quality with their mobile devices.

Alamy Accepts Mobile Phone Images

By Jim Pickerell | 324 Words | Posted 1/23/2013 | Comments
The ever increasing demand for instant and breaking news images and the huge improvement in the quality of phone and compact camera photographs has prompted Alamy to begin accepting photographs for its Live News service from mobile (cell) phone cameras and compact cameras.