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Articles from October 2006

Photolibrary Acquires Index Stock Imagery

By Jim Pickerell | 471 Words | Posted 10/31/2006 | Comments
Photolibrary has signed an agreement to purchase Index Stock Imagery of New York. Index Stock will join the rapidly expanding group, which includes Photolibrary, Garden Picture Library, Oxford Scientific, Fresh Food Images (Anthony Blake of the UK)and Monsoon Images.

The Storm Before The Calm

By Roger Ressmeyer | 3748 Words | Posted 10/28/2006 | Comments
This address was given by Roger Ressmeyer, PACA President at the 2006 PACA International Conference in Key West, Florida. Ressmeyer outlines his view of the state of the stock photo industry and some of the challenges ahead. Ressmeyer is also CEO of Science Faction Images

The Evolution Of The Stock Photo Industry

By Chris Ferrone | 1218 Words | Posted 10/28/2006 | Comments
In July I published a letter from Pino Granata that asked the question "Is There A Future For Stock Agents". I also outlined my thoughts and comments from a number of readers. I recently learned that Chris Ferrone, Editor of, wrote an editorial on the subject in January 2006 and with his permission I have re-printed it here.

Random Thoughts 126

By Jim Pickerell | 1469 Words | Posted 10/28/2006 | Comments
This edition contains items on: Corbis Expanding RF Collection; Image Source Pulling Out Of Corbis; iStockPhoto Statistics; PunchStock Adds RM Images; GDUSA Comments; Jupiter Acquires Cover Images In Spain; Jupiter CFO Chris Baudouin To Leave; The Future Of Video?; Stephen Hearn Leaving Jupiter and Newspaper Advertising Revenue.

Alamy Grows Image Supply In Q3

By Jim Pickerell | 1023 Words | Posted 10/27/2006 | Comments
Alamy added almost a million new images to its collection in Q3 2006, two-thirds of them Rights Managed. Photographers uploaded slightly fewer RF than in the previous quarter, but significantly more RM with the total images uploaded by photographers at 466,750. There is no indication as to how this relates to revenue growth.

Sea Change At Getty

By Jonathan Klein | 704 Words | Posted 10/25/2006 | Comments
After a bad year relative to expectations Jonathan Klein has outlined some radical changes in strategy for the company. It is recommended that readers review Story 885 in order to fully understand the implications of this one.

Getty Has Disappointing Third Quarter

By Jim Pickerell | 2549 Words | Posted 10/25/2006 | Comments
Getty Images reported Q3 2006 revenue of $198.1 down from $204.8 million for Q2 2006. Share price falls an additional 4% and Klein announced major strategy changes.

RF Producers Form ISPA

By Jim Pickerell | 723 Words | Posted 10/24/2006 | Comments
RF stock production companies have become concerned with the accounting practices of an increasing number of distributors not meeting their contract obligations in terms of reporting and paying commissions and have formed the International Stock Producers Alliance in an effort to deal with the issues.

Getty Reorganizes - Cuts Staff

By Jim Pickerell | 546 Words | Posted 10/23/2006 | Comments
Getty Images has announced a reorganization plan which includes cuts in staff including the entire New York sales staff and a shuffling of responsibilities for senior people.

Customer Content For Advertising

By Jim Pickerell | 372 Words | Posted 10/23/2006 | Comments
Sunday River Ski Resort in Bethel, Maine has developed a novel way to promote their business for free. They invite customers to post on their site videos of themselves or other skiers and snowboarders, taken at Sunday River.

a21 Appoints Ferguson CEO

By Jim Pickerell | 789 Words | Posted 10/10/2006 | Comments
a21, Inc. has appointed John Z. Ferguson Chief Executive Officer and he joins the Company's Board of Directors. Mr. Ferguson previously held senior management positions at Getty Images.

Randon Thoughts 125

By Jim Pickerell | 1308 Words | Posted 10/6/2006 | Comments
This edition contains items on: AP Takes Aim On Editorial Stock Users; Industry Slowdown; Attitude of Many Micropayment Sellers; Online Ad Revenue Grows 37 Percent; Art Directors Speak Out; Alamy Changes Rate Structures; Corbis To Handle Veer's Solus Imagery; Corbis Outline Senior Staff Move; Corbis Names Brotman VP Licensing Ventures and What's A Photo Worth?

Press Releases 25

By Jim Pickerell | 2213 Words | Posted 10/6/2006 | Comments
Included in this issue: Kai Chiang Announces The Launch Of Golden Pixels; Corbis Acquires Australian Picture Library; iStockphoto Localizes Site For French, German & Spanish Buyers; NPPA Partners With Digital Railroad; Photo Industry Association to Collaborate On Areas of Mutual Interest; The Virtual Picture Desk Expands Into Europe

Monetizing The Crowd In A Web 2.0 World

By Bruce Livingstone | 2292 Words | Posted 10/3/2006 | Comments
Bruce Livingstone, CEO of iStockphoto, gave the following keynote address at the German Multi Media Congress, in Stuttgart, Germany last month. He discussed how iStockphoto got started, how online communities work and "the real possibilities that come from massive groups of seemingly disconnected people, working together, for different reasons."

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