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Articles from January 2011

Photographers Direct: Royalty Share Key Driver

By Jim Pickerell | 1187 Words | Posted 1/31/2011 | Comments
Photographers trying to license rights to their pictures are constantly looking for ways to make contact with potential customers. Any given image is potentially marketable to buyers worldwide. Individual photographers are unlikely to ever meet most of these potential customers. Thus, photographers tend to employ a variety of middlemen operations to assist them in finding customers. One such operation is Photographers Direct (PD) which has helped more than 15,862 photographers (about 5,000 currently active) make contact with over 20,280 unique buyers worldwide.

Changes At Pixmac

By Jim Pickerell | 904 Words | Posted 1/26/2011 | Comments
Pixmac has removed its exclusively restrictions for its contributors and raised commission rates. Contributors will now receive 30% of the revenue collected or at least $0.25 per download for the first $200.00 in earnings. Once their total earning exceed $200.00 they will receive 40%.

Do Art Directors Use Ridiculous Concept Images?

By Jim Pickerell | 148 Words | Posted 1/25/2011 | Comments (8)
When the Huffington Post starts lampooning what they call “Ridiculous Stock Photos” will art directors judge the concepts as something to avoid in the future?

Simon Woodthorpe Joins Image Source

By Jim Pickerell | 173 Words | Posted 1/25/2011 | Comments
Image Source has announced the immediate appointment of Simon Woodthorpe as Group Sales Director to head up both the Image Source direct sales team and the strong distribution network of over 200 distributors worldwide.

Capture Offers Hosting to BAPLA and CEPIC Members

By Jim Pickerell | 255 Words | Posted 1/25/2011 | Comments
Due to an expansion of its state-of-the-art hosting environment, Capture has spare space and
is offering to supply and host dedicated servers for BAPLA and CEPIC members on a first-come-first-served basis.

What Are Pictures Worth To Book Publishers?

By Jim Pickerell | 1164 Words | Posted 1/24/2011 | Comments (1)
Do educational publishers place much value on the pictures they use in their books? Based on what they are willing to pay for such images, the role pictures play in the educational process has declined significantly over the last 10 to 15 years. The fees paid for images used in textbooks have not kept up with changing usage demands. There may be little photographers can do to alter this trend, but they need to be aware of and understand the problem as they plan future production for this market.

iStock Price Increases

By Jim Pickerell | 903 Words | Posted 1/20/2011 | Comments (2)
iStockphoto has introduced its new round of price increases for 2011. For those in the macro world (RM and traditional RF) who like to argue that it is impossible to make money selling images on a microstock site it may be time to take another look at what iStock is doing.

Top Stories In 2010

By Jim Pickerell | 4127 Words | Posted 1/19/2011 | Comments (1)
Readers new to this site want to know what they should read to get an understanding of the stock photo industry. Sometimes regular readers miss important stories due to the demands of their busy schedules. Consequently, we’ve put together this list of 52 stories published in the last eighteen months that outline what has been happening in the stock photo industry, where things stand at the beginning of 2011, and how the industry is changing. We hope you’ll find this list helpful.

Registration Open For 2011 CEPIC Congress In Istanbul

By Jim Pickerell | 264 Words | Posted 1/18/2011 | Comments
The 2011 CEPIC Congress will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from 18 to 22 May. This annual event, held in a different European country each year, draws stock photography professionals from all over the world. The 2010 Congress in Dublin, Ireland welcomed 700 attendees from 352 companies, 37 countries and five continents. The Halic Congress Center, on the banks of the Golden Horn in Istanbul will be the venue for this Congress.

Masterfile Contest: Win iPads And Image Subscriptions Packages

By Jim Pickerell | 190 Words | Posted 1/18/2011 | Comments
Masterfile,is hosting a ‘Master Finder Contest’ designed to promote the company’s subscription plans while touting the benefits of their revolutionary Endless Media search platform.

RPI and Developing A Business Plan

By Jim Pickerell | 872 Words | Posted 1/17/2011 | Comments (1)
Beginning stock photographers often ask those with experience for numbers they can use to construct a "business plan." They start by asking what kind of annual return-per-image they can expect to earn from a collection of a given size. This story outlines some of the steps photographers need to take when considering stock photography as a business.

Earning A Living In Stock Photography

By Jim Pickerell | 919 Words | Posted 1/13/2011 | Comments (2)
For many photographers seeking to earn some, or all, of their living producing stock images, one of the most important decisions in 2011 will be whether to retire from the stock photo business or get into microstock. Many photographers who are licensing their images at rights-managed or traditional royalty free prices have seen their revenue decline significantly in the last couple of years. They are also skeptical that it is possible to earn any significant money licensing images at microstock prices. As a result quite a few are choosing to get out of the stock photography business.

Getty Relaunches

By Jim Pickerell | 592 Words | Posted 1/12/2011 | Comments
Getty Images, Inc., has unveiled its new site, developed for value-conscious small business owners, marketers, graphic designers, web designers and other creative professionals. currently offers 2.5 million royalty free images and illustrations.

Demand For New Images At Getty

By Jim Pickerell | 96 Words | Posted 1/11/2011 | Comments (2)
Getty Images editors say that they are still seeing plenty of great content come through from a wide range of sources, in particular Flickr and iStockphoto. They say there is no shortage of photographers submitting new imagery and that they are editing tighter than ever for their house collections and in particular their RM brands.

Corbis Motion Adds 200,000+ New Video Clips

By Jim Pickerell | 346 Words | Posted 1/11/2011 | Comments
Corbis Motion has expanded its collection of video clips to more than 500,000 with a recent addition of more than 200,000 clips. Approximately two thirds of Corbis Motion clips are available in high definition (HD) and the collection includes a large selection of royalty-free (RF) clips that provide customers added value and flexibility.

Event Photography

By Jim Pickerell | 158 Words | Posted 1/10/2011 | Comments
As it becomes more difficult to earn a living producing stock images some photographers are looking for other ways to use their photographic skills. Taylor Davidson specializes in business and event photography in the New York City area. In March 2010 he launched Narratively, an agency that specializes in providing assignment photographers to cover events.

Rights Managed Sellers Should Adopt Microstock Pricing Strategies

By Jim Pickerell | 2186 Words | Posted 1/8/2011 | Comments (3)
It time for rights-managed sellers to adopt many aspects of the microstock pricing strategy. The immediate reaction of many RM sellers will be, “I’ll never sell my images as royalty-free.” That’s not what I’m proposing. Photographers will continue to manage the rights to their images. They will continue to be able to license exclusive and restricted uses to their images. But from the customer’s point of view the basic pricing model will look and feel just like the microstock model that they have come to prefer.

iStockphoto: Please Switch from Photographer Exclusive to Image Exclusive

By Jim Pickerell | 683 Words | Posted 1/5/2011 | Comments (4)
If iStock is really interested in improving the quality of its collection and bringing the work of the best and most experienced photographers into its top end collections it needs to drop the requirement that exclusive photographers not have images that are licensed as RF with any other agency.  All the company really needs is that the specific images they represent, and any similars, not be in any other collection. They don’t need to define “exclusive” this tightly.  It is interesting that even Getty Images only requires “image exclusive”, but iStock want to have more control over the lives of its photographers.

Young Photographer Alliance Exhibition

By Jim Pickerell | 148 Words | Posted 1/5/2011 | Comments
An exhibit of the work of several young photographers who are participating in the Young Photographer Alliance mentoring program is opening at the Calumet Gallery, 22 West 22nd St, New York City from January 14-28. The gallery will be open from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday and 9:00 to 5:30 on Saturdays, closed Sundays.

Exclusive Representation For Microstock Photographers

By Jim Pickerell | 1305 Words | Posted 1/4/2011 | Comments (11)
2011 may be the year when the stock photo industry returns to the idea of exclusive representation -- specifically, being exclusive with a microstock agency. For many year the widely held belief has been that the way to maximize returns was to get your images represented by many distributors. Now, iStockphoto’s has developed an exclusive strategy that may bring about a change in this way of thinking. While there are several downsides for image producers to the iStock strategy, the upsides may more that compensate for the difficulties.

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