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Articles from October 2012

Global Ad Spending

By Jim Pickerell | 517 Words | Posted 10/30/2012 | Comments
This article provides trend information on the global and U.S. revenue generated through advertising by newspapers, magazines and online delivery services. Advertising revenue has always been key in supporting the creation and distribution of information content. Historically U.S. publishers have relied on 85 percent of their revenue coming from advertising.

Procedures To Improve Chances Of Licensing Images

By Jim Pickerell | 829 Words | Posted 10/29/2012 | Comments (3)
The buyer’s panel at the recent Picture Agency Council of America (PACA) conference in Chicago offered a number of ideas for ways individual sellers and stock photo distributors might adjust their search, delivery and pricing procedures to improve the chances of their images being chosen and used.

Bigstock Introduces Partner Program

By Jim Pickerell | 228 Words | Posted 10/25/2012 | Comments
Bigstock, a division of Shutterstock, has introduced a new partner program that will allow companies like email service providers, website design services and online ad builders to offer Bigstock photos to their customers through their portals.

Novus Select Launches Tectonic Media Group

By Jim Pickerell | 308 Words | Posted 10/24/2012 | Comments
Novus Select announced today the formation of Tectonic Media Group (TMG), a New York-based talent management and media consulting firm. TMG represents the top talent in action and adventure sports photography and filmmaking. The firm will look after each artist in all aspects of their career, from print advertising and editorial work, to directing commercials, branded content, and feature length documentaries, as well as content licensing, book publishing, speaking engagements, and brand endorsements.

EP Merges With APA

By Jim Pickerell | 502 Words | Posted 10/23/2012 | Comments
American Photographic Artists (APA) has announced that Editorial Photographers (EP), a highly regarded association aimed at improving profitability of editorial photography, has agreed to a merger that will benefit professional photographers around the world. The merger is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. This merger will increase the size of APA to approximately 3,200 members.

ABC News’ VideoSource Expands Online Library

By Jim Pickerell | 282 Words | Posted 10/23/2012 | Comments
ABC News VideoSource has upgraded and expanded its website delivering greater and easier online access to ABC News’ vast archival footage collection spanning from 1896 to the present day. Producers and researchers can browse, license and, in some cases, immediately access tens of thousands of video assets from ABC News’ expansive archives with the click of a mouse.

Photographer Compensation For Social Media Use

By Jim Pickerell | 2381 Words | Posted 10/22/2012 | Comments
At the Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) international conference in Chicago over the weekend PACA and CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) offered a proposal for collecting revenue for the unlicensed use of images on social media sites and distributing a share of that revenue to the creators whose images were used

Steps To Solving The Infringement Problem

By Jim Pickerell | 1399 Words | Posted 10/18/2012 | Comments
If we want to reduce copyright infringements we must make it easier for people to be honest. Reasoned education is not working. Aggressive pursuit of infringements is not slowing the number of infringements. This story suggests three steps that are technologically possible today and which the industry ought to be exploring.

Copyright Alert System

By Jim Pickerell | 178 Words | Posted 10/18/2012 | Comments
Last year a positive partnership between content creators and internet service providers (ISPs) was created to better educate internet users on legal options for receiving entertainment content online and to inform consumers who repeatedly engage in infringement that their actions are inappropriate. Now they are ready to launch the Copyright Alert System.

Publishers Settle With Google Over Library Project

By Jim Pickerell | 364 Words | Posted 10/17/2012 | Comments
The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and Google have announced a settlement agreement that will provide the Google Library Project with access to books and journals that are still protected by copyright. Now, Google may digitize new books as well as make the contents of books already scanned available online.

Image Trends In Financial Services Advertising

By Jim Pickerell | 169 Words | Posted 10/17/2012 | Comments (1)
Since 2008 Getty Images has noticed some change in the kind of images financial service providers are using. Check out this story for insights into the trends.

Dreamstime Joins Pinterest’s Attribution Program

By Jim Pickerell | 547 Words | Posted 10/16/2012 | Comments
Dreamstime has become the latest professional photography service to resolve its legal issues regarding the pinning of copyright-protected, watermarked images shared on Pinterest. The solution incorporates an attribution line, which now appears beneath the photo in question and links back to the photo’s page on This is the same solution that Pinterest offers to other members of its “attribution program,” including Flickr, YouTube, 500px, Etsy, and others.

Collecting Societies and Photocopy Licensing

By Jim Pickerell | 1633 Words | Posted 10/15/2012 | Comments (2)
For more than 30 years “Collecting Societies” in many countries have had systems to compensate photographers when their images in books and periodicals are photocopied. U.S. photographers are not so fortunate.

Some DAPD Divisions File For Insolvency

By Jim Pickerell | 151 Words | Posted 10/15/2012 | Comments
The Berlin based news agency group DAPD filed for insolvency on October 2, 2012. However, this action only affects six companies within the dapd media holding group AG including two photo services – dfd Foto Service GmbH and dapd video GmbH.

Shutterstock Raises $76.5 Million in IPO

By Jim Pickerell | 268 Words | Posted 10/12/2012 | Comments
Shutterstock has raised $76.5 million by selling 4.5 million shares at $17 each. This was above the expected price range of between $13 and $15 per share. Today, the stock is trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SSTK” at $22 per share.

Granger Collection Launches Tablet-Friendly Website

By Jim Pickerell | 164 Words | Posted 10/11/2012 | Comments
Historical image library The Granger Collection has launched a tablet-friendly version of its website,, that allows picture professionals to view and navigate the collection more easily on tablet computers.

Masterfile Launches 50/50 Stock Photo Subscription

By Jim Pickerell | 200 Words | Posted 10/10/2012 | Comments
Masterfile has launched a Super Value collection of 1.7 million photos, illustrations and vectors available through a $50 subscription allowing 50 downloads per month (all file sizes). The images are not restricted to a daily quota: they can be downloaded at any point, as needed, during the term of the subscription. 3-month and 12-month options are also available.

Getty Partners With SoundCloud Music

By Jim Pickerell | 321 Words | Posted 10/10/2012 | Comments
Getty Images has partnered with SoundCloud Music in a deal similar to the one they have with Flickr. The more than 20 million registered users of SoundCloud can make their original content available for licensing simply by adding the Getty “license” button to their SoundCloud player.

Small Claims Strategy For Copyright Infringement Launched In UK

By Jim Pickerell | 381 Words | Posted 10/9/2012 | Comments
The Patents County Court (PCC) system in the UK has revised its intellectual property laws for England and Wales and simplified the procedure for claims valued at £5,000 or less. Copyright holders will have the option of sorting out disputes through an informal hearing without legal representation. The government plans to increase this limit to £10,000, although when this will happen is currently unclear.

Image Source Group Acquires Cultura

By Jim Pickerell | 602 Words | Posted 10/8/2012 | Comments
Image Source and Cultura Creative today announced the merger of their businesses, two of the most respected brands in premium quality stock photography in the world. The new business which will operate under the Image Source Group umbrella come together in an exciting deal that on day one will have over a quarter of a million premium images under their collective management and a production power house capable of generating both quality and volume of content going forward.

Instagram and Camerphones As Tools

By Jim Pickerell | 130 Words | Posted 10/8/2012 | Comments
John Lund has written an interesting blog post about why He Hates Instagram.

Getty Changes Price Calculator

By Jim Pickerell | 616 Words | Posted 10/5/2012 | Comments (1)
It has been pointed out to me that Getty Images has made some dramatic changes in its Rights Managed price calculator. This may have been around for a while, but it is the first time I’ve had a chance to examine it in some detail.

Utterly Unusable Stock Photos

By Jim Pickerell | 229 Words | Posted 10/5/2012 | Comments
Need a stock picture of a guy doing almost anything strange, actor Patrick Wilson is your man. Professional photographers have paid him to pose as “A guy in a tiger costume playing an inflatable guitar in a foggy room full of military personnel” and “A detective examining a jar of peanut butter in a room filled with mousetraps.”

Design Pics Inc. Acquires Alaska Stock Images

By Jim Pickerell | 449 Words | Posted 10/3/2012 | Comments (1)
Design Pics Inc., headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, has acquired Alaska Stock, an Anchorage based photo agency, effective October 1, 2012. The agency was originally founded in 1990 by Jeff Schultz and has became known as “the place” to find quality images of Alaska, and more specifically, Alaska-themed images such as adventure, wildlife, winter lifestyles, and recreation.

Dreamstime Introduces New Corporate Account System

By Jim Pickerell | 225 Words | Posted 10/3/2012 | Comments
Dreamstime has introduced a new corporate account system that streamlines administration of file downloads and enhances purchase and invoice tracking for large firms with multiple users. The new system enables multi-user firms to designate a Corporate Administrator, create multiple sub-accounts, and administer systems for purchasing images and track invoices.

Premium Access At Getty

By Jim Pickerell | 815 Words | Posted 10/2/2012 | Comments
Back in the first quarter of 2007 Getty Images introduced “Premium Access” (PA) pricing for their “best customers.” See what's happening with Premium Access and how it compares with microstock.

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