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Articles from February 2001

Random Thoughts 29

By Jim Pickerell | 1126 Words | Posted 2/24/2001 | Comments
This story included short items on Randomeye, Allsport Copying Empics Web Site, new pricing for web & power point user at Getty & Corbis, Sygma images going into database, Promotions and Resignations at Corbis and Elsner back to consulting.

The Changing Face of Stock

By Allen Russell | 541 Words | Posted 2/24/2001 | Comments
Commentary by Allen Russell, Dir. of Photography at Index Stock and past president of PACA on the state of the stock industry from the photographer's perspective.

Why Should The Split Be 50/50???

By Jim Pickerell | 4344 Words | Posted 2/24/2001 | Comments
Is there a logical reason for dividing revenues 50/50 in 2001, given the changes in the industry? Is this percentage fair?'' This story looks at the history and draws some conclusions.

Convergence Acquires ICL and Zephyr

By Jim Pickerell | 838 Words | Posted 2/24/2001 | Comments
Convergence has acquired Images Colour Library Ltd., (ICL) a UK based image library for $5.2 million and Zephyr Images for $2.15 million. Sheldon Marshall, former CEO of VCG, is COO of Convergence.

Getty's Year 2000 Results

By Jim Pickerell | 1946 Words | Posted 2/9/2001 | Comments
Getty reported 4th Quarter 2000 revenue of $129.4 million, up less than 2% from $127 million in the 3rd Quarter and below analysts's estimates. E-commerce sales represented almost $49.3 million of 4th Quarter revenue and $165 million for the year. Under 25% of gross revenue was paid to image creators in 2000.

Photographer Income & Expense Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 439 Words | Posted 2/6/2001 | Comments
The Photographer Income and Expense Survey for 2000 is available online for photographers to fill out. Any stock photographer, subscriber or not, may reply to this survey by going to Results will be published at the end of April.

Getty Photographers Respond to Contract Proposal

By Jim Pickerell | 2126 Words | Posted 2/6/2001 | Comments
Photographers contracted to Stone, The Image Bank, FPG and other VCG brands have formed a new group called StockArtistsAlliance (SAA) to jointly retain counsel to negotiate the new Getty contnract. This story included a letter outlining issues not dealt with in the contract outline supplied by Getty (Story 373).

ASMP Files SEC Complaint Against Getty Images

By Jim Pickerell | 761 Words | Posted 2/6/2001 | Comments
ASMP has filed a complaint with the SEC against Getty Images for failure to report to the SEC Penny Gentieu's suit involving copyright infringement, false designation of origin, breach of fiduciary duties and breach of contract. ASMP alleges this could result in an award in excess of $2 million plus attorney fees and costs, and thus is significant information for Getty investors.

Getty Outlines New Photographer Contract

By Jim Pickerell | 577 Words | Posted 2/1/2001 | Comments
Getty has provided their photographers with an outline of features for a new streamlined cross brand contract. Details of the features are listed in this story. Getty expects to release the entire contract sometime in the next two months.

Analysis Of Getty Contract Outline

By Jim Pickerell | 1763 Words | Posted 2/1/2001 | Comments
On the surface Getty's new contract outline is an improvement over existing contracts, but there are still a number of issues that should be examined closely when the contract is finally released. This story outlines some of those issues.

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