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Articles from March 1999

Random Thoughts 5

By Jim Pickerell | 1344 Words | Posted 3/26/1999 | Comments
The items include: TSI's New Catalog Format, Getty's Move to Seattle, Todtri Update, RF at TSM, Update on ASMP/PACA Joint Statement, legal action in the UK on Elvis Trademark and new moves at Index's Photos To Go.

A Look At The Future

By Jim Pickerell | 2950 Words | Posted 3/26/1999 | Comments
Ray Kurzweil gave a thought provoking presentations on the future of computing, and what it means for society, at the 1999 Spring Seybold Publishing Conference in Boston. Take a few minutes to look beyond next week or next year and plan for your future. Kurzweil is also the author of the ''The Age of Spiritual Machines.''

Bullet Proof Model Release

By Jim Pickerell | 1372 Words | Posted 3/15/1999 | Comments
Photographers need to start giving a lot more attention to model releases and what they cover. This story discusses this issue and gives a sample release.

ASMP and Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 931 Words | Posted 3/15/1999 | Comments
The ASMP board has established a new policy that will make it much more difficult for chapters to plan and hold stock information meetings. They have also supplied statistics on MPCA sales.

Head In The Sand - Gary Elsner

By Gary Elsner | 1164 Words | Posted 3/15/1999 | Comments
Gary Elsner, former Sales and Marketing VP at FPG International and currently an independent consultant on stock photo issues, shares his thoughts on ASMP's new approach to photographer education.


By Jim Pickerell | 2531 Words | Posted 3/15/1999 | Comments
Is it absolutely necessary to offer on-line pricing and no negotiation to be successful in the E-Commerce arena? This story examines the issues surrounding this question.

March 1999 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 7098 Words | Posted 3/10/1999 | Comments
With this file you can print out the entire March 1999 issue of SELLING STOCK which includes: ASMP Cancels Texas Seminar, Getty E-Commerce Success, EyeWire Launches Portal Site, Picture Perfect in Arrears and National Geographic Grams Rights. All of these stories have appeared previously in our on-line edition.

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