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March 26, 1999

New TSI Catalog Format

Tony Stone Images Volume 11 catalog introduces the next generation of catalog

design by presenting the image collection in a metal covered, 3 ring-binder.

They believe the format will be more conducive to designers' workstyles and it

offers the following features:

  • A compact 8x8" book complete with spine handles allows for easy

    portability to internal meetings and off-sites.

  • Pages can be removed and scanned or rearranged and organized per


  • The book lays flat when opened to the desired image page.

  • Subject color and divider tabs increase the effectiveness and

    efficiency of image searching.

  • Four images per page and more overall images than previous


  • It is designed to enable easy location of conceptual or illustrative


  • Photographer Ernst Haas has his own subject divider for his unique

    image collection.

Some TSI photographers have nicknamed this catalog the "tin can."

Getty Moves To Seattle

Getty Images has announced that they will move their corporate headquarters

from London to Seattle. The decision to relocate is based on the Company's

increasing emphasis on e-commerce and is in line with its strategy to further

integrate the six separate brands it has acquired over the past four years.

Approximately half of Getty Images's $185 million in 1998 revenue was generated

in the U.S. Getty Images has approximately 690 employees in North America.

Total employees worldwide is 1,350.

Jonathan Klein and Christopher Roling, Chief Financial Officer, will be

relocating from London to Seattle. Mark H. Getty, Executive Chairman, will

continue to spend a significant amount of time in London.

In other news Getty's revenue growth in 1998 was 84% over 1997 sales, due in

large part to acquisition. Klein expects revenue growth in 1999 to be about

15% over 1998 sales. Sales in 1998, excluding acquisitions grew 18%.

Todtri Update

Todtri Productions has still made no payments to stock agencies or

photographers who supplied images for their Picture Picture 12 catalog. Many

agencies also supplied images that were used in books published by Todtri in

1997 and 1998 and they are also awaiting payment. See stories

Story 192 and

Story 195 .

Todtri is trying to arrange a line of credit with Capstone and Company. Many

of the agencies doing business with Todtri were told that if they agreed to a

payment plan by January 15th they would start receiving payments in February.

Others, who signed agreements a little later, were told they would start

receiving money by March 1st. Nobody has been paid anything.

Capstone is still auditing Todtri's books. Evidently, there is now some

question as to whether Capstone will, in fact, provide the financing that

seemed assured two months ago. If Capstone backs out, Robert Tod will be forced

to seek financing elsewhere.

Royalty Free At The Stock Market

The Stock Market has followed the lead of many other major stock agencies in

making Royalty Free Images available on their web site.

They now market the images of PhotoSpin in a separate section of their

site. PhotoSpin has images in 18 different categories which include:

objects/backgrounds, travel, sports/recreation, textures, people,

nature/seasons, animals, food, business, commercial, medical, toys, nostalgia,

cars, signs, religion, junkyard and graffiti. These images are available

online for single-image sales with high resolution downloads.

The current site design gives the user the option of choosing traditional stock

or royalty free. However, once you have chosen the traditional stock route it

is very difficult to figure out how to get back to the royalty free.

"By entering into this new venture with The Stock Market, we now may avail

ourselves to a brand new audience, while enhancing our own collection by

pairing it with the vast offerings of TSM's library," notes PhotoSpin CEO, Val


No Agreement Between PACA And ASMP

It appears the ASMP/PACA Joint Statement that we published in

Story 203 , and

which ASMP first published six or so years ago was never an agreement between

the two organizations.

According to Allen Russell, President of PACA, what was originally envisioned

when discussions of a Joint Statement were initiated was an agreement that

would define responsibilities of both the agent and the photographer.

At the time Marty Loken was president of PACA and there were meetings and

negotiations between Loken and Weisgrau. The agencies agreed to these five

points, contingent on the photographers defining a minimum list of what they

viewed as their responsibilities to the agencies. These points were presented

to Weisgrau with the understanding that ASMP would draft proposed language for

photographer responsibilities to their agents. ASMP never came back with any

answer. Therefore, from PACA's point of view this agreement was never


In fact, the operations of many PACA agencies are in line with all five of

these points, but some agencies may not be fully compliant with all points.

Photographers signing with an agency should make sure they understand the

agency's position on each of these items, and not assume by virtue of the agency's

membership in PACA that they are in total agreement with all points in the

ASMP/PACA Joint Statement.

Elvis Trade Mark Appeal Rejected

Sid Shaw, the owner of an Elvis memorabilia business named Elvisly

Yours, has fended off an appeal by the official Elvis merchandising

company Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc against a (UK) High Court decision in 1997

that the "Elvis" trade mark lacked distinctiveness and should therefore not be


Enterprises argued that celebrities have an exclusive right to exploit their

own characters. Although this is the case in other countries, including the

United States and many continental European countries, the Court of Appeal has

roundly rejected this kind of monopoly right in the UK. The public do not

assume, when buying Elvis (or Spice Girls or Princess Diana) products, that

they are buying something officially licensed and endorsed.

This information was supplied by Charles Swan of The Simkins Partnership a

new media law firm in London. Email:charles.swan@simkins.com.

Photos To Go

Photos To Go (www.photostogo.com) has gone 3D. Index Stock

Imagery has teamed with TriVista (www.trivista.com), a leading 3D image

software developer on the Internet. The agreement provides users of TriVista's

Web site with access to the full range of Photos To Go images for use in its 3D

ImageCube and 3D ImageScene designs.

The 3D ImageCube software allows users to add innovative design elements and

navigation links to a small business or personal Web site. Users may access

the software to display rotating Photos To Go images from airplanes to zebras,

and everything in between. They can reduce the size of the images, rearrange

them, and edit the photos so that they race by on highway billboards, turn

through pages of a virtual photo album, or spin on a Photo-To-Round. Popular

functions include creating a fun screensaver or engaging Web site feature.

After selecting a specific scene type (cube, inner carousel, or outer

carousel), a click of the Browse button will enable cyber-designers to select

their Photos To Go images and drag each one to the software template. After 3D

and HTML page options are chosen, the ImageCube can be sent to the user's Web

browser for instant interactive use on the Web.

"We know TriVista's customers will enjoy adding high class photos to their 3D

projects. We hope Photos To Go customers will also benefit, as they literally

add a new dimension to their communications by using photos in new Web-savvy

ways," says Bahar Gidwani, CEO of Index Stock Imagery, the parent company of

Photos To Go. A complete software demo is available on the TriVista Web site.

TriVista joins more than 30 companies that have already agreed to support

Photos To Go, including Home Business Magazine, Imall and Ask Jeeves. Mr.

Gidwani indicated that he is aggressively pursuing new partnerships and expects

to sign an additional 30 companies in the next six months.

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Jim Pickerell is founder of www.selling-stock.com, an online newsletter that publishes daily. He is also available for personal telephone consultations on pricing and other matters related to stock photography. He occasionally acts as an expert witness on matters related to stock photography. For his current curriculum vitae go to: http://www.jimpickerell.com/Curriculum-Vitae.aspx.  


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