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Articles from April 2000

Photographer Chat Groups

By Jim Pickerell | 423 Words | Posted 4/20/2000 | Comments
Artists groups with The Image Bank, Stone, and FPG/VCG have developed private chat groups to discuss business and other issues of interest to stock photographers. They are seeking new members. This story outlines how to join.

EP Analysis of Boston Globe Contract

By Jim Pickerell | 2307 Words | Posted 4/20/2000 | Comments
Seth Resnick and Paula Lerner of the Editorial Photographer fourm have prepared an analysis of the Boston Globe Contract with suggestions for negotiating that may be helpful to photographers.

Creators' Groups Blast Boston Globe

By Jim Pickerell | 589 Words | Posted 4/17/2000 | Comments
Five major organizations of writers, graphic artists and photographers have united to denounce The Boston Globe's attempt to cram an unfair contract down the throats of its loyal freelance contributors. PACA also denounces the contract.

Boston Globe Seeks More Rights

By Jim Pickerell | 2483 Words | Posted 4/17/2000 | Comments
The Boston Globe has presented freelancers with a contract that attempts to get unlimited reuse rights, for no additional fee, to anything originally produced for the Globe. This story outlines things photographers should consider when negotiating with the Globe.

2000 Stock Photographer Profits Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 2472 Words | Posted 4/9/2000 | Comments
The results of the annual photographer survey are available. 138 photographers responded with a total 1999 stock income of $12,636,770. Their gross photo income was $20,358,485. Review the analysis.

Corbis Contract Update

By Jim Pickerell | 3528 Words | Posted 4/9/2000 | Comments
Upon further review the Corbis contract and its implementation has more problems than we first spotted -- particularly for editorial photographers. Read this story in conjunction with Story 296.

PACA Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 343 Words | Posted 4/9/2000 | Comments
PACA wants to know what photographers think. They want to know the Best and the Worst things about picture agencies from the photographer's point of view. The results will be discussed at their June annual meeting.

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