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Articles from June 1999

Comstock For Sale

By Jim Pickerell | 1482 Words | Posted 6/23/1999 | Comments
An offering is being circulated in the finacial community to sell Comstock. VCG is the most likely buyer and the deal is expected to be closed soon. Comstock photographers who are not equity owners will probably be out in the cold.

"Artist Choice" at Eyewire

By Jim Pickerell | 3573 Words | Posted 6/16/1999 | Comments
EyeWire starts offering ''Rights Protected'' contracts with an ''Artist Choice'' provision that pays photographers 70% of the gross fee collected. Our story provides a detailed analysis of the various provisions in this 15 page contract.

Random Thoughts 9

By Jim Pickerell | 1214 Words | Posted 6/16/1999 | Comments
Several short items including: Moffly Leaves FPG, Corbis Acquires Sygma, ASMP's stock catalog, TSI's move to merge collections, and more.

Geographic Guilty of Copyright Infringement

By Jim Pickerell | 654 Words | Posted 6/16/1999 | Comments
National Geographic Society has been found guilt of two counts of copyright infringement from underwater photographers Jerry and Idaz Greenberg in a landmark case in Miami. The precedent may aid other photographers. Damages are still to be set.

Random Thoughts 8

By Jim Pickerell | 1061 Words | Posted 6/5/1999 | Comments
Four short items: Will MCI's cutback on annual report photography become a trend?, One Photographer's Success Story, the NY Times Promotes Stealing Photos, and art directors cut fingers on TSI's Tin Can.

ASMP and Time, Inc.

By Jim Pickerell | 645 Words | Posted 6/5/1999 | Comments
ASMP is negotiating with TIME Inc. for a rise in the editorial day rate, but some photographers are not that happy with some of the positions ASMP is taking. If ASMP's proposals become an ''industry wide'' standard, the rates some publications are paying might go down.

Building Communities

By Jim Pickerell | 1602 Words | Posted 6/5/1999 | Comments
We take a look at some of the online photo forums and how they can benefit photographers. Particular emphasis is given to the new Editorial Photo Forum.

The Battle Comntinues - ASMP/PACA

By Jim Pickerell | 1070 Words | Posted 6/5/1999 | Comments
This is a continuation of the battle between ASMP and PACA over what what rights photographers and agencies should expect from one another, and what responsibilities they should have to the other.

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