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Articles from August 1998

Stock Market's Online Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 598 Words | Posted 8/28/1998 | Comments
At their site, The Stock Market has a weekly survey question that gives some interesting insights into on-line users.

New Stock Agency - Definitive

By Jim Pickerell | 519 Words | Posted 8/27/1998 | Comments
Definitive Stock is launching a new agency in September that will supply both Rights Protected and RF images to the stock photo market. Ellen Boughn joins the team as VP/Managing Director.

Graphic Design:USA Annual Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 685 Words | Posted 8/27/1998 | Comments
In their annual survey 20% of graphic designers prefer to find their images on CD-ROM or on-line. Another 40% prefer to use a combination of print and electronic means to locate stock images.

Dreamworks Battles Stock Agencies Over PR Rig

By Jim Pickerell | 492 Words | Posted 8/13/1998 | Comments
DreamWorks wants to stop stock agencies from acquiring and reselling publicity materials after an unauthorized frame from ''Private Ryan'' appeared on a Newsweek cover.

New Contract For TSI Photographers

By Jim Pickerell | 1253 Words | Posted 8/13/1998 | Comments
Tony Stone Images has revised their agreement with photographers. It gives the photographers 40% of on-line sales rather than the traditional 50%. Other restrictions in the new agreement are causing concern among some photographers.


By Jim Pickerell | 4824 Words | Posted 8/13/1998 | Comments
The question of ''What is a Similar?'' is becomming a serious issue for photographers as stock agencies define it in broader terms. Many photographers are finding it difficult to earn enough from the images they are allowed to license to offset their costs of production.

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