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Articles from August 2008

Getty Partners with blinkx in Ad-Supported Deal

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 382 Words | Posted 8/29/2008 | Comments
Getty Images is continuing its foray into broader audiences and nontraditional ways of monetizing its content: Calif.-based blinkx, which claims to be the world's largest and most advanced video-search engine, now offers a Getty Images channel among some 350 others. The 26 million hours of content delivered through come from sources as diverse as the BBC and CBS to Real Estate TV and shoetube.

Microstock Propaganda: All Users Are Created Equal

By Jim Pickerell | 812 Words | Posted 8/29/2008 | Comments (5)
When professionals object to microstock, they are not asking microstock contributors to stop selling images. Most professionals do not have a problem with images being made available for small uses at extremely low prices. Most are also not afraid of competition on a level playing field. All professionals really want is for amateurs to stop allowing themselves to be exploited by wealthy buyers.

Jupiterimages Launches Plus

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 50 Words | Posted 8/27/2008 | Comments
Jupiterimages has launched Plus, which contains some 1.7 million images, including 1.3 million by Stockxpert contributors.

Thought Equity Motion Launches 3 Use-Based Licensing Models

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 312 Words | Posted 8/27/2008 | Comments
Three new licensing models from Denver-based Thought Equity Motion offer footage clips from Paramount Pictures, MGM Studios, Sony and others at prices that begin at $20--for select uses. As of this week, Web, corporate communication and presentation "stores" have been integrated into the Though Equity Web site.

Microstock Propaganda: "No Impact on Top Pros"

By Jim Pickerell | 642 Words | Posted 8/27/2008 | Comments (3)
It seems that every amateur who's made a few bucks selling microstock writes a blog extolling the virtues of microstock and encouraging other amateurs to try selling their images. I've got no problem with them telling their stories. But in their enthusiasm to encourage others, they often put out inaccurate information about the effects microstock is having on those trying to make a living shooting stock images.

iStock Gives Exclusives Over $200,000 in Royalties, Promotes Thompson to COO, Eyes Europe

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 394 Words | Posted 8/26/2008 | Comments
Continuing the tradition it established last year, iStockphoto gave out $40,000 in cash and prizes. The company also let exclusive contributors keep 100% of the royalties--over $200,000--generated by their images on Monday.

RF or RM: Photographer's Dilemma

By Jim Pickerell | 690 Words | Posted 8/26/2008 | Comments (1)
Companies that previously specialized in royalty-free licensing are now asking photographers to offer their new production as rights-managed content. Photographers are questioning whether or not this is a wise idea. Photographers worry that customers will not go to RF companies to buy RM--and if they do, they may not be willing to pay RM prices.

Lonely Planet Launches Travel Photo Contest

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 55 Words | Posted 8/26/2008 | Comments

Modified Rights Ready Pricing

By Jim Pickerell | 275 Words | Posted 8/26/2008 | Comments
In 2007 I proposed a pricing strategy that combines the rights managed theory of pricing based on usage and the simplicity of microstock and its ability to license rights for very small uses for fees of a few dollars. The system is described in a 12 page booklet. I call the strategy Modified Right Ready.

iStock Survey: 27% of Image Users Unaware of Law

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 473 Words | Posted 8/25/2008 | Comments
When discussing content piracy, industry insiders often say that nine out of 10 images are used inappropriately--that is, without payment for a license or in violation of its terms. Though the idea of educating the public on the nature of copyright is raised at industry events, such education is not often part of routine business activities for stock photographers or agencies. Perhaps it should be. An iStockphoto-commissioned survey of 1,000 Americans shows that a third use downloaded content, and practically all such users--27% of 33%--are unaware of needing permission.

Marketing Budgets Follow Economy

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 141 Words | Posted 8/22/2008 | Comments
A survey of major U.S. marketers, conducted by the Association of National Advertisers, found that 87% have cut back on marketing and advertising spending. Over 50% expect to further reduce spending by the end of the year.

PhotoShelter Tests Prints Offering

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 144 Words | Posted 8/22/2008 | Comments
According to PhotoShelter, which now represents 42,000 photographers from over 160 countries, image buyers frequently request the ability to purchase hard-copy photographic prints. Today, the company launched PhotoShelter Prints in response to these requests.

'Speaking in Tongues' Seminar Announced

By Jim Pickerell | 118 Words | Posted 8/21/2008 | Comments
The Metadata Image Library Exploitation Project will conduct an all-day seminar, "Speaking in Tongues," in London on Oct. 3. The seminar will include discussion and workshops on multilingual thesauri that can make image collections widely available internationally.

What Does RF Mean?

By Jim Pickerell | 694 Words | Posted 8/21/2008 | Comments
The rationale for royalty-free licensing used to be to provide the customer with three benefits: a simple, straightforward price that didn't require negotiation, unlimited use of the purchased image and a low cost. As this marketing concept has matured, all of these ideas have been lost.

A Photo Editor Launches A Photo Folio

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 69 Words | Posted 8/21/2008 | Comments
Rob Haggart, the former director of photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine, has launched A Photo Folio, a service that promises to build photographer Web sites from a client perspective.

Dreamstime Expands Eastern-European Distribution

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 348 Words | Posted 8/21/2008 | Comments
Brentwood, Tenn.-based Dreamstime, originally launched in Romania, is expanding distribution in its native region. It has partnered with Prague's to bring micro-priced creative and editorial imagery to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Associated Press: Chasing Britney

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 442 Words | Posted 8/20/2008 | Comments
This month saw the launch of Celebrity Extra, the first of a multimillion-dollar group of new entertainment-focused news products from the Associated Press. Focusing on A-list stars, Celebrity Extra video is available now, and a photo service is scheduled to launch in September.

New Approach to Picture Research

By Jim Pickerell | 583 Words | Posted 8/20/2008 | Comments (5)
As image collections have grown, finding the right image quickly has become an increasingly difficult problem for customers. Back when the industry delivered 35mm transparencies, customers could call a picture agency, describe their need in detail and a researcher would delve through hundreds of images to find the few best. These selects were then shipped to the customer for final consideration. Internet search has changed all that.

Goldman Sacks 2007 Projections For Getty

By Jim Pickerell | 388 Words | Posted 8/20/2008 | Comments
As part of the process of selling Getty Images Goldman Sachs was provided detailed information relative to Getty's operations and on November 28, 2007 they produced a report that projected revenue for 2008 and 2012. The following are those figures. Getty Images was later sold to Hellman & Friedman. Due to the tremendous pressure microstock is putting on the stock photo market the following chart should be sobering for both traditional RF and RM shooters.

Getty Acquisitions

By Jim Pickerell | 282 Words | Posted 8/20/2008 | Comments
This chart provides a list of the stock agencies Getty has acquired since its founding in 1995.

Leading Stock Photo Sellers - 2008

By Jim Pickerell | 730 Words | Posted 8/20/2008 | Comments
This chart provides a list of the major sellers of stock photography worldwide. The list is broken up into three separate groups, those with revenue in excess of $20 million, those with revenue between $5 and $20 million and those with revenue between $1 and $5 million.

StockXpert/ Deal Launches Under Revised Terms

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 414 Words | Posted 8/19/2008 | Comments
The recently announced program to add StockXpert contributor images to the Web site is set to launch on Aug. 20. Jupiterimages, the parent of both brands, has also revised some of the parameters in response to photographer feedback.

TinEye Goes Public

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 53 Words | Posted 8/19/2008 | Comments
The first image-to-image search engine, TinEye, is now open to the public.

RF Price Variations At Getty

By Jim Pickerell | 498 Words | Posted 8/19/2008 | Comments
RF prices vary widely depending on the brand. The following are some of the prices charged for usage by various brands on Getty's site.

Getty Images Footage Sales

By Jim Pickerell | 133 Words | Posted 8/19/2008 | Comments
The following is a breakdown of Getty's Footage sales per quarter from Q4 2002 through Q4 2007. At the end of 2007 Getty stopped providing breakdowns of individual segments of their business.

Getty Historic Numbers 2002 Thru 2007

By Jim Pickerell | 535 Words | Posted 8/19/2008 | Comments
Below is a list of the Getty Images revenue for the various segments of their business quarter by quarter from Q3 2002 through Q4 2007. At the beginning of 2008 Getty stopped supplying quarterly breakdowns.

A21 CFO Resigns

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 52 Words | Posted 8/18/2008 | Comments
Thomas Costanza, the vice president and chief financial officer of the troubled a21, Inc., has resigned.

Fotosearch Turns 10

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 51 Words | Posted 8/18/2008 | Comments
This month, Wisconsin-based Fotosearch celebrates its 10th anniversary. The online stock-image and footage distributor represents over 3 million stills and 65,000 clips by 150 brands, including the Big Three.

PhotoPlus Expo Program Shapes Out

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 230 Words | Posted 8/18/2008 | Comments
The photography industry's major event of the year, Photo District News' PhotoPlus Expo, will take place in New York in late October. The event's program is as diverse as usual, spanning a multitude of creative, technical and business topics over three days.

Images People Want Most

By Jim Pickerell | 433 Words | Posted 8/18/2008 | Comments
Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) recently released preliminary information from its 22nd annual Stock Visual Survey of picture buyers. (Full details will be available in its September issue.) One question on the survey every year concerns the categories of imagery most in demand. Over the years the top three categories have always been People/Celebrities, Lifestyle and Business/Industry.

Keedup Publishes Keywording Guide

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 89 Words | Posted 8/15/2008 | Comments

Nikon Withdraws Sponsorship of Microsoft Photo Contest

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 409 Words | Posted 8/15/2008 | Comments
Microsoft U.K.'s "Iconic Britain" photo contest initial goal was to identify the 100 images that best define Britain. The contest was originally co-sponsored by Nikon, which has now withdrawn its support due to the controversy surrounding image ownership.

Denkou Reps Premium RF Collections

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 55 Words | Posted 8/14/2008 | Comments

Jupitermedia Relaunches eStockMusic

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 93 Words | Posted 8/14/2008 | Comments

Self-Employed Photographer Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 362 Words | Posted 8/14/2008 | Comments
Selling-Stock has launched a photographer survey designed to provide useful data for all those who license rights to their images.

New Price Model Needed

By Jim Pickerell | 621 Words | Posted 8/14/2008 | Comments (1)
We are locked into old-fashioned pricing. We need a new model built around use and value received. Corporate clients using an image on an ad or a billboard get much more value than someone using the same picture on their blog.

Jacobs Buys LFI

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 48 Words | Posted 8/13/2008 | Comments

New Consumer Technologies to Drive Digital Image Use

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 483 Words | Posted 8/13/2008 | Comments
The Internet, as well as mobile applications, has caused an explosive rise in image use. Soon, other consumer technologies, such as surface computing and high-def televisions, will have similar effects.

Beijing Olympics: Image Is Everything

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 61 Words | Posted 8/12/2008 | Comments

Online Image Use: Profiling the Buyer

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 519 Words | Posted 8/12/2008 | Comments
The stock-image industry faces a daunting challenge. While there is general consensus that online use of images is among the hottest growth opportunities, little is known about the buyers driving the trend. Larger agencies can gain some image-specific insight from analyzing transaction data or commissioning in-house research; however, much general information is freely available online.

Olympic Games: Opening Images Faked, 2 Photo Blogs

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 93 Words | Posted 8/11/2008 | Comments

Masterfile To Launch Online Forum

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 97 Words | Posted 8/11/2008 | Comments

ImageSpan Enhances LicenseStream, Launches WEVA Portal

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 314 Words | Posted 8/11/2008 | Comments
Sausalito-based ImageSpan has added new features to its LicenseStream platform, which facilitates content distribution, syndication and acquisition. The technology company also announced the rollout of a custom LicenseStream portal for the Wedding and Event Videographers Association.

Crowd-Sourcing Wakes Up West

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 408 Words | Posted 8/8/2008 | Comments
Ofer Media just funded a community-based Web site, which joins other micro-payment audio and music Web sites by giving amateur musicians a platform to sell music to advertisers and entertainment producers.

Jupitermedia: Slight Rev Rise In Q2

By Jim Pickerell | 446 Words | Posted 8/8/2008 | Comments
Jupitermedia's Q2 2008 revenues were $35 million up from $34.5 million in Q1 2008. Second-quarter revenue was up slightly from $34.7 million in the same period in 2007.

Science Photo Library Launches RF Collection

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 32 Words | Posted 8/7/2008 | Comments

AudioMicro Launches Subscription, Multi-Lingual Options

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 43 Words | Posted 8/7/2008 | Comments

Medicimage Launches in Beta

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 73 Words | Posted 8/7/2008 | Comments

Stock According to Jack: Adapt, Change or Die

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 505 Words | Posted 8/7/2008 | Comments (1)
"We are a broken industry that only has three choices: adapt, change or die," says Jack Hollingsworth. Though the veteran photographer continues to see immediate opportunity in traditional stock, Hollingsworth believes long-term success in this business requires a fundamental change in the business model.

Image Source Lowers Price

By Jim Pickerell | 417 Words | Posted 8/7/2008 | Comments (1)
Image Source has made about 6,500 of its images (approximately 5% of its total collection) available on several microstock sites. Prices have been discounted up to 80% below the fees charged for images from its core collection.

Mauritius To Close Hamburg Office

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 41 Words | Posted 8/6/2008 | Comments

Photolibrary Launches Viral Campaign

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 61 Words | Posted 8/6/2008 | Comments

ASMP Receives $1.3 Million in Orphaned Royalties

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 303 Words | Posted 8/6/2008 | Comments
The American Society of Media Photographers disclosed that last December it received $1.3 million from the Authors Coalition of America, an organization that distributes non-title specific royalties generated by photocopying American works abroad to its members. Permissible uses of the funds are restricted to educational and advocacy activities.

Shutterstock Unveils On-Demand Subscription Plan

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 82 Words | Posted 8/5/2008 | Comments

Fotolia Launches Corporate Subscriptions

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 44 Words | Posted 8/5/2008 | Comments

Psychographics: House Husbands, Generation V

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 471 Words | Posted 8/5/2008 | Comments
Stay-at-home dads and Generation V, where "V" stands for "virtual," are emerging as two important consumer groups. Both are the products of a convergence of several cultural and economic trends in Western society.

Stockxpert Photographers Rebel

By Jim Pickerell | 594 Words | Posted 8/5/2008 | Comments
On July 15, Steve Kapsinov, Jupiterimages' community manager for StockXpert, announced on the contributor forum that the company planed to offer StockXpert's microstock images on Jupiter's subscription site, Photographers were to be paid $.30 per image downloaded from the site.

BBC Stock-Image Choice Sparks Controversy

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 75 Words | Posted 8/4/2008 | Comments
Thomas Crampton, a former International Herald Tribune and The New York Times correspondent who covers Asian politics, economics and culture, has uncovered what he described as a case of "stock photo usage gone wrong."

Will Rise of Digital Advertising Bring Revenue Loss?

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 720 Words | Posted 8/4/2008 | Comments
Though researchers using different methodologies often arrive at different figures, most experts agree that digital media is on the rise. Specifically, researchers are putting emphasis on interactive advertising's growth as a percentage of total ad spending.

Orphan Works Bill Stalled in Senate

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 45 Words | Posted 8/1/2008 | Comments

GumGum: New Funding, Out of Beta and Out with Flash

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 160 Words | Posted 8/1/2008 | Comments
GumGum has announced that the ad-supported licensing platform has secured financing from First Round Capital and Crosscut Ventures. Both venture firms specialize in providing seed capital. With two new members on its board of directors, GumGum exits beta with technology that no longer uses Flash and is reportedly more flexible.

Getty Images Secures Jolie-Pitt Images, Again

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 207 Words | Posted 8/1/2008 | Comments
Getty Images announced that it has shot and is distributing the most coveted news images of the moment: exclusive first pictures of the twins born to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The deal follows a 2006 arrangement in which Getty's Brent Stirton photographed the couple's daughter Shiloh, and the company negotiated licensing terms on behalf of Jolie and Pitt.

Getty Images Historic Numbers -- 2002 Thru 2007

By Jim Pickerell | 531 Words | Posted 8/1/2008 | Comments
Below is a list of the Getty Images revenue for the various segments of their business quarter by quarter from Q3 2002 through Q4 2007. At the beginning of 2008 Getty stopped supplying quarterly breakdowns. 

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