Ad Spending for 2011 and Beyond

Posted on 12/8/2010 by Jim Pickerell | Printable Version | Comments (2)

Global ad spending in 2011 is expected to be up 5.4% to $411.7 billion according to MagnaGlobal, but the trend for the print segment of the business in the Western world is not so rosy. Most growth will be in Asian markets and media that does not have a big overlap with stock photography.

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  • Fred VoetschAnd the entire stock photography industry is maybe a few billion?
    Well, if you have your share then I say, good for you but otherwise I suggest that this throws a lot of extra weight behind my theory that many photographers are better off self-publishing online and generating ad revenue along with sales from licensing and prints. Posted on Dec 9, 2010
  • Shannon FaganMedia use in China is poised to grow in relation to many factors, including the monetization of illegal use and theft online and in print. Its impact on "the fortunes of European and North American photographers" will be correlated to the embrace of the local market to new licensing models and acceptance of stock image use versus that of assignment. In contrast to the US and Europe, print use is still fairly robust in China. China saw 6.3% newspaper ad revenue growth in 2008. That being said, China is not insular from what is being observed elsewhere. The Deputy General Secretary of the China Advertising Association has noted that "paper media faces a crisis, new media has the best development opportunity" in China.

    China's ad market is experiencing exciting growth not just for increased ad revenue spends. There is much room for creative advertising in line with the trend towards new media. The most significant change being seen is user generated content. Figures from 2009 showed that 26% of China's population was on the internet. This equates to 338 Million of the Chinese population. This 26% embrace of the internet in China is nearly equal to the entire population of The United States and Canada combined.

    Shannon Fagan

    Chair, ASMP Stock Imaging License Committee

    Photography Business Development Consultant Beijing, China
    Posted on Dec 10, 2010

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