Alamy Reports 2007 Results

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Alamy had gross sales in Q4 2007 of $7,750,000, up from $7,506,000 in Q3 and up 22.5% overall for the year. Total revenue for 2007 was $29,254,226. Detailed statistics on the last two years of Alamy's operations are provided on its Web site.

Currently, Alamy has 10.83 million images from 15,127 photographers and 447 agencies on its site. In Q4, there were 56,846 RF images and 299,114 RM images submitted by 4,517 of those photographers. Agencies submitted a total of 433,101 images.

Fifty-four percent of the revenue for the quarter came from images submitted by photographers and 46% from agency images.

Of the images licensed in Q4, 76% were RM, up slightly from the previous quarter, and the rest RF. The average price for an RM image was $156 and for RF $221. These prices were a slight decline from the previous quarter, but on the whole, image prices have stayed relatively stable since the beginning of 2006.

A total of $2,402,500 was generated from RF sales. Of the remaining $5,374,500 for RM sales, about $4,064,100 was for editorial use and the remaining $1,289,880 for commercial use. The average price for editorial uses was $129, meaning that 31,505 images were licensed for editorial use. The average price for commercial use was $350, meaning that 3,685 RM images were licensed for commercial use.

Most of the RF images were probably used for commercial purposes and at an average of $221 per image licensed that totals 10,871 RF images. This means a total of 46,062 images were licensed in the quarter, about one-third of which were for commercial use.

Using the same logic for the other three quarters, about 169,000 images were licensed in 2007. About 67% of those licensed were for editorial use. With 10.85 million images in the collection, and assuming each license was for a different image in the collection, only about 1.5% of the total images in the collection were licensed in 2007. Put another way, for every 64 images a photographer has in the collection, on average one would be licensed in the year.

In 2007, 3,556,925 new images were added to the collection. In 2006 the company added 3,432,808 images.

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