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Recently, I decided to take a look at the number of images in the various Creative collections on The numbers are very revealing and in some ways surprising. Getty has 16,687,710 million images in its Creative collection, 10,341,296 of them or 62% are RF and the rest are RM. (Obviously, these numbers grow slightly every day.)

Those interested in tracking individual collections can go to the Creative filters; click on “Royalty-free collections” or “Rights-managed collections” and get a alphabetical list of all the collections in each category. Click on any collection and you’ll see all the images and a count of the total in that collection.

Some of these links don’t work, but most do. Total image count for all the collections that worked was 15,121,310. Most notable among the collections that couldn’t be searched were the the iStock collections – iStock, iStock Editorial, iStock Unreleased and iStock Unreleased+. I suspect that most of the 1,566,400 not uncovered in my other searches are iStock images. The Vetta collection, which at one time was part of the iStock collection includes 101,762 images.

Clearly, Getty’s major source of new work comes from Flickr photographers. In March 2014 when Getty terminated its formal relationship with Flickr there were 882,334 Flickr images on the Getty site. At that point Getty created a new house collection called Moment, placed all the Flickr images into that collection and continued to add images from Flickr contributors to it. The collection is now sub-divided into 6 brands – Moment Open, Moment, Moment RF, Moment RM, Moment Mobile and Moment Select. Combined these collections contain 2,480,784 images.

In addition, there are 3 new Flickr collections – Flickr Flash, Flickr State and Flickr Prime – that have a total of 8,575 images.

While Getty had indicated that they would only add a small percentage of the Corbis images to its collection, it is somewhat surprising how small. A total of 1,059,661 Corbis images have been added including – Corbis Documentary, Corbis RM, Corbis RF, Corbis Historical and Bettman.
There are only 903 images in the Bettman collection which may mean there are still more to be added, or they have placed some former Bettman images in other collections.

There are three other collections – Alloy, Canopy and Ivary – that I believe were former Corbis collections. The combined total images in these collection is 66,196.

There are a total of 209 brands on the Getty Creative site. Counting the Moment, iStock and Corbis collections Getty has 45 wholly owned brands with approximately 9,237,203 images, or 55% of the total collection. The other 45% of the images have been supplied to Getty by 164 independent agencies and production companies.

It is believed that gross annual Creative revenue is somewhere in the range of $280 million. Thus, each image in the collection generates on average $16.78 and the image creators, agencies of distributors receive a percentage of this number. The percentages usually range from 20% to 35%.

The following list provides the current count of images in each of the 209 collections.

AFP Creative 3,811
Age fotostock 84,306
All Canada Photos 90,463
Alloy 10,708
Allsport 2,594
amana images RF 137,472
amana images RM 62,461
America 24-7 1,856
arabian eye 47,053
Arcaid Images 5,774
Archive Photos 24,954
Art Images 1,159
ArtBox Images 4,573
ArtBox Images RF 2,209
Asia Images 15,740
Asia Selects 10,604
AsiaPix 10,282
Aurora 39,917
Aurora Open 18,789
AWL Images 130,547
Axiom 18,792
Best View Stock 29,602
Bettman 903
beyond fotomedia 10,583
Biosphoto 1
Blend Images RF 171,424
Blend Images RM 171,847
BLOOMimage 41,182
Blue Jean Images 41,880
Brand X 37,396
Britain On View 68,451
Caiaimage 26,332
Canopy 48,254
Car Culture® Collection 4,767
CGI Backgrounds 5,336
China Span 9,809
Collection Mix: Subjects RF 58,185
Collection Mix: Subjects RM 7,229
Contour Style 40,316
Corbis RF 243,770
Corbis RM 224,343
Corbis Documentary 590,642
Corbis Historical 3
CSA Images 25,037
Cultura 164,301
Da Vinci Codex Atlanticus 2,238
De Agostini Picture Library 217,630
Design Pics 64,653
DEX 16,978
DigitalVision 150,510
DisabilityImages 10,557
Discovery Channel Images 4,387
Dorling Kindersley RF 19,216
Dorling Kindersley RM 76,858
E+ 892,753
Evok Images 385
EyeEm 253,328
EyeEm Premium 2,824
EyeEm RM  
F1online RF 9,450
F1online RM 11,857
First Light 46,750
Flickr Flash 12,064
Flickr Prime 202
Flickr State 7,109
Folio 8,869
Folio Images 7,449
Foodcollection 26,133
Fotosearch 104,032
Fototrove 1,147
FStop 40,112
Fuse 30,984
Gallo Images 162,351
Gallo Images ROOTS 18,615
GeoNova 1,154
Glowimages 53,194
Gulf Images RF 5,788 70,514
Hero Images 41,317
HEX 2,796
Historic Map Works 42,078
Hola Images RF 6,889
Hola Images RM 1,745
Hoxton 709
Hulton Archive 44,026
Iconica 42,614
Ikon Images 11,831
Illustration Works 8,112
Image Source 107,814
ImageBROKER 80,439
Imagemore 29,917
imagenavi 68,909
Images Bazaar 11,206
imagewerks 9,334
Imagezoo RF 21,863
Imagezoo RM 1,964
ImaZinS 968
IndiaPicture 19,929
Ingram Publishing 9,570
iStock Editorial  
iStock Unreleased  
iStock Unreleased +  
Ivary 7,234
IZA Stock 6,348
Johner Images RF 42,376
Johner Images RM 21,127
Juice Images 22,889
LatinContent RF 2,239
LatinContent RM 3,504
Lonely Planet 734,694
LOOK 64,946
Luxy 85
Maskot 22,313 11,900
Minden Pictures 210,854
Mint Images RF 13,925
Mint Images RM 4,648
MITO Images 1,192
MIXA 36,943
Moment 453,639
Moment Mobile 29,703
Moment Open 1,346,112
Moment RF 453,473
Moment RM 184,126
Moment Select 13,731
Moment Unreleased 410
Mondadori Portfolio 11,364
National Geographic RF 71,235
National Geographic RM 151,953
Nativestock 1,458
Nature Picture Library 11,940
Nordic Photos 7,042
OJO 53,702
OJO+ 3,867
ONOKY 22,367
Oxford Scientific 62,075
Panoramic Images 52,564
Passage 53,553
Perspectives 69,192
PhotoAlto 79,607
Photodisc 558,184
Photographer’s Choice 235,567
Photographer’s Choice RF 183,934
Photolibrary 496,271
Photonica 18,586
Photonica World 11,558
Photononstop 52,038
photosindia 34,096
Picture Press 39,564
PictureIndia 8,323
Popperfoto 1,922
Publisher Mix RF  
Publisher Mix RM  
Purestock 33,029
Radius Images 34,223
redchopsticks 10,351
Retrofile 8,056
Retrofile RF 7,276
Riser 2,007
Robert Harding 87,697
RooM RF 26,124
RooM RM 1,323
Rubberball 35,208
SambaPhoto 7,607
Science Faction 21,412
Science Photo Library RF 90,152
Science Photo Library RM 3,036
Science Source 99,544
Score 34,342
Silk Pictures 1,860
Sino Images 18,966 778
SPL Creative  
Stock4B RF 12,236
Stock4B RM 23,131
Stockbyte 666,225
StockFood 35,110
Stocktrek Images 23,875
Stone 76,555
Super Stock 39,525
Taxi 57,056
Taxi Japan 16,344
Tetra Images 91,957
The Image Bank 463,143
The LIFE Picture Collection 905,678
TongRo Images 63,478
Topic Images 29,197
UFO RF 4,353
Universal Images Group 59,226
Untitled X-Ray 2,061
UpperCut Images 8,262
Vetta 101,762
View Stock 28,681
Visit Britain  
Visuals Unlimited 32,756
Vstock 90
WaterFrame 35,797
Westend61 149,011
WIN-Initiative 18,709
XiXinXing 5,984
Yann Arthus-Bertrand 4,441
ZZVE 6,275
Total Reported Above 15,121,310
Total Images in Collection

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