What Are The Most Popular People Images?

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Recently Getty Images has started allowing its customers to organize their search returns by the “Most Popular” images as well as the default “Best Match” that has been the only option for years.

I thought it would be interesting to see which photographers that shoot people produce the work that is in greatest demand at Getty images so I looked at the first 500 images returned when a customer does a search for “People” and narrowed the search to “Most Popular,” “RF only” and only photography. The total number of returns was 2,129,581. If we had added illustration the total would have been 2,299,489, but a number of illustrations and more popular than some of the photos included so I decided to stick with just photos.

I chose not to include RM in the search because I believe more and more customers are searching for RF. For several years there have been at least twice as many traditionally priced RF images licensed annually as RM. I think that percentage is increasing in favor of RF because the quality of RF is getting better and better and more and more customers are finding that they need to use the images they purchase in a wide variety of ways. They need the flexibility RF offers.

It is unclear how Getty determines “Popular?” Is it number of times downloaded or total revenue generated and is it limited to some period of time (the last year of two) or the lifetime of the image. Another issue related to popularity is the Vetta and E+ photos. Many of these images haven’t been on Getty Images all that long. They have probably had a lot more sales on iStock (at iStock prices) than on Gettyimages.com. Is the iStock popularity of these images factored in somehow?
One-third (166) of the first 500 images were produced by the 16 photographers whose names are listed on the chart below. All of this 16 had at least 5 images shown in the first 500. Sam Edwards leads the pack with 29 images, almost 6% of the total and OJO Images and Caiaimage are certainly very dominant.

Copyright Holder Images Brands
Sam Edwards 29 OJO Images and Caiaimage
Jacob Wackerhausen (Yuri Arcurs) 18 E+
Tom Merton 17 OJO Images and Caiaimage
Martin Barraud 14 OJO Images and Caiaimage
4x6 14 E+
Jamie Grill 10 Brand X, Blend and Tetra
Robert Daly 9 OJO Images and Caiaimage
Siri Stafford 8 Digital Vision and Photodisc
Paul Bradbury 8 OJO Images and Caiaimage
MacieJ Noskowski 7 E+ and Vetta
londoneye 6 Vetta
Fabrice Lerouge 6 Brand X and ONOKY
Jose Luis Palaez 5 Blend
Gerber86 5 Vetta
kristain sekiulic 5 Vetta
Westend61 5 Brand X

The copyright holder was listed as an organization rather than an individual on 64 of the images found. In these cases it is impossible to tell if a single photographer in the organization created all the images listed with organization’s name as creator. The remaining 436 images were created by194 different named photographers.

Getty represents 97 Royalty Free brands. While some brands may not have any images with the keyword “People,” I suspect most do. However only 31 brands have at lest one images shown in the first 500 and 80% of the images shown came from only 9 brands. The brands with images shown are listed below. Obviously, when customers use other keywords the photographer’s whose images are shown may be very different, but I suspect that the proportionate share for each brand will be about the same, assuming the brand has some images related to the request.

Brand Number
Digital Vision 82
E+ 59
Vetta 56
OJO Images 51
Moment 43
Caiaimage 35
Brand X 28
Image Source 26
Blend Images 22
Photodisc 21
Cultura 14
Photographer’s Choice RF 8
Fuse 7
Tetra Images 7
Stockbyte 6
Hero Images 5
Purestock 5
Blue Jean Images 5
BLOOMimage 2
Maskot 2
National Geo 2
Upper Cut Images 2
Radius Images 1
Amana images 1
fStop 1
Imagemore 1
Ingram Publishing 1
RooM 1
Westend62 1
XiXinXing 1

Some of the creators with images in the top 500 have indicated that they have seen a 20% increase in revenue since the algorithm change.

Among the interesting insights from this search is that the 115 E+ and Vetta images from iStock represent 23% of the first 500 images shown. To learn more about what each of these creators has to offer it is possible to go to iStock; search on most of the names and see their entire portfolio. It is also interesting that Getty customers are willing to pay between $45 and $429 to use one of these images when they could go to iStock, probably find the same image easily and purchase it for about $30.

The popularity of these images is also an indication that there isn’t much difference between microstock and traditional RF these days.  If we add the totals of the Moment images from Flickr to those of iStock we find that 32% of the images Getty is offering on gettyimages.com come from, for lack of a better term, the “non-traditional” market. The two segments of the market are melding very rapidly.

I also found it interesting that a high percentage of the images in this “Popular” 500 are shots of single individuals smiling at the camera. Some are close-ups, some medium shots in an environment, and some are full figures. A lot of them are against white or could easily be cut out and used as elements in a graphic designers creation.

Below, I have supplied a chart that lists each of the 500 images found when I did this search. The first column lists the position in the search return order where the image appeared. The second column lists the image creator and the third lists the brand. For example the 213th image shown was created by Anthony Ong of Digital Vision.

Order Image Creator Brand
213 Anthony Ong Digital Vision
447 B2M Productions Digital Vision
49 Brand New Images Digital Vision
86 Brand New Images Digital Vision
454 Brand New Images Digital Vision
157 Brand New Images Digital Vision
258 Chris Tobin Digital Vision
71 Chris Windsor Digital Vision
181 Clerkenwell Digital Vision
141 Compassionate Eye Foundation Digital Vision
110 David De Lossy Digital Vision
250 David Leahy Digital Vision
119 David Lees Digital Vision
269 David Lees Digital Vision
431 David Lees Digital Vision
25 David Malan / Gallo Images Digital Vision
161 Digital Vision Digital Vision
241 Digital Vision Digital Vision
281 Digital Vision Digital Vision
356 Digital Vision Digital Vision
370 Digital Vision Digital Vision
457 Digital Vision Digital Vision
1 Digital Vision Digital Vision
5 Digital Vision Digital Vision
9 Digital Vision Digital Vision
12 Digital Vision Digital Vision
13 Digital Vision Digital Vision
307 Digital Vision Digital Vision
6 Dimitri Otis Digital Vision
64 Dimitri Otis Digital Vision
70 Dimitri Otis Digital Vision
203 Dougal Waters Digital Vision
402 Dougal Waters Digital Vision
112 Jasper White Digital Vision
144 Jasper White Digital Vision
218 Jasper White Digital Vision
367 Jasper White Digital Vision
197 John Lamb Digital Vision
252 John Lamb Digital Vision
483 John Lamb Digital Vision
158 John Lamb Digital Vision
94 Jordan Siemens Digital Vision
398 Jordan Siemens Digital Vision
424 Jordan Siemens Digital Vision
103 Kohei Hara Digital Vision
128 Lucas Allen Digital Vision
416 Marcy Maloy Digital Vision
352 Maria Teijeiro Digital Vision
191 Mark Horn Digital Vision
150 Michael Biann Digital Vision
279 Michael Biann Digital Vision
350 Michael Blann Digital Vision
263 Morsa Images Digital Vision
393 Morsa Images Digital Vision
38 Musketeer Digital Vision
82 Musketeer Digital Vision
159 Musketeer Digital Vision
329 Musketeer Digital Vision
162 Paper Boat Creative Digital Vision
459 Paper Boat Creative Digital Vision
449 Photodisc Digital Vision
101 plustwentyseven Digital Vision
448 Ryan McVay Digital Vision
251 Siri Stafford Digital Vision
406 Siri Stafford Digital Vision
407 Siri Stafford Digital Vision
474 Siri Stafford Digital Vision
475 Siri Stafford Digital Vision
487 Steve West Digital Vision
17 Thomas Northcut Digital Vision
142 Thomas Northcut Digital Vision
226 Thomas Northcut Digital Vision
293 Thomas Northcut Digital Vision
418 Tim Robberts Digital Vision
31 Uwe Krejci Digital Vision
232 Valentin Casarsa Digital Vision
56 Yagi Studio Digital Vision
231 Yagi Studio Digital Vision
394 Yagi Studio Digital Vision
452 Yagi Studio Digital Vision
334 Zone Creative Digital Vision
43 Zoran Milich Digital Vision
63 4x6 E+
107 4x6 E+
135 4x6 E+
200 4x6 E+
227 4x6 E+
272 4x6 E+
290 4x6 E+
353 4x6 E+
381 4x6 E+
397 4x6 E+
422 4x6 E+
435 4x6 E+
477 4x6 E+
486 4x6 E+
421 Alija E+
465 Arand E+
76 Christopher Futcher E+
439 Daniel Laflor E+
488 Edwardo Leite E+
496 franckreporter E+
304 George Clerk E+
29 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
33 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
62 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
96 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
102 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
155 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
202 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
223 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
262 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
306 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
310 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
311 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
321 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
340 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
368 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
369 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
458 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
470 Jacob Wackerhausen E+
198 Jaroslaw Wojcik E+
357 Jaroslaw Wojcik E+
11 kristain Sekiulic E+
28 kristain Sekiulic E+
36 MacieJ Noskowski E+
37 MacieJ Noskowski E+
165 MacieJ Noskowski E+
217 MacieJ Noskowski E+
264 MacieJ Noskowski E+
425 MacieJ Noskowski E+
148 mediaphotos E+
437 mediaphotos E+
300 Mlenny Photography E+
338 mural sarica E+
385 Newstockimages E+
434 Newstockimages E+
328 pixalot E+
480 skynesher E+
127 TommL E+
441 TommL E+
111 AfricanImages Vetta
339 Alija Vetta
382 Andrew Rich Vetta
44 Daniel Laflor Vetta
347 Daniel Laflor Vetta
372 Daniel Laflor Vetta
95 Dean Mitchell Vetta
54 Emilie Duchesne Vetta
21 franckreporter Vetta
65 gerber86 Vetta
283 gerber86 Vetta
305 gerber86 Vetta
327 gerber86 Vetta
485 gerber86 Vetta
50 gruizza Vetta
60 gruizza Vetta
478 Iconogenic Vetta
366 Izabela Habur Vetta
67 Klubovy Vetta
118 kristain Sekiulic Vetta
268 kristain Sekiulic Vetta
316 kristain Sekiulic Vetta
376 kristain Sekiulic Vetta
392 kristain Sekiulic Vetta
195 kupicoo Vetta
343 LdF Vetta
72 lechatnoir Vetta
27 Llya Bushuev Vetta
2 londoneye Vetta
41 londoneye Vetta
52 londoneye Vetta
93 londoneye Vetta
288 londoneye Vetta
319 londoneye Vetta
10 MacieJ Noskowski Vetta
84 Manuel Gutjahr Vetta
467 miappv Vetta
242 nicolas hansen Vetta
391 nicolas hansen Vetta
450 nicolas hansen Vetta
351 nuliplus Vetta
276 pixdeluxe Vetta
365 pixdeluxe Vetta
207 RyanJLane Vetta
257 Serg Myshkovsky Vetta
438 Serg Myshkovsky Vetta
170 skynesher Vetta
205 skynesher Vetta
349 sturti Vetta
116 TommL Vetta
495 TommL Vetta
186 Troels Graugaard Vetta
403 Willie B. Thomas Vetta
247 yuikapopkova Vetta
216 Ziatko Kostic Vetta
348 Ziatko Kostic Vetta
8 Chris Ryan OJO Images
97 Chris Ryan OJO Images
201 Chris Ryan OJO Images
42 Daly and Newton OJO Images
209 Daly and Newton OJO Images
225 Daly and Newton OJO Images
236 Daly and Newton OJO Images
123 Maria Teijeiro OJO Images
75 Martin Barraud OJO Images
87 Martin Barraud OJO Images
99 Martin Barraud OJO Images
133 Martin Barraud OJO Images
325 Martin Barraud OJO Images
388 Martin Barraud OJO Images
417 Martin Barraud OJO Images
429 Martin Barraud OJO Images
498 Martin Barraud OJO Images
78 Paul Bradbury OJO Images
178 Paul Bradbury OJO Images
445 Paul Bradbury OJO Images
453 Paul Bradbury OJO Images
492 Paul Bradbury OJO Images
124 Robert Daly OJO Images
255 Robert Daly OJO Images
419 Robert Daly OJO Images
57 Robert Nicholas OJO Images
4 Sam Edwards OJO Images
30 Sam Edwards OJO Images
83 Sam Edwards OJO Images
106 Sam Edwards OJO Images
131 Sam Edwards OJO Images
167 Sam Edwards OJO Images
168 Sam Edwards OJO Images
171 Sam Edwards OJO Images
174 Sam Edwards OJO Images
179 Sam Edwards OJO Images
185 Sam Edwards OJO Images
220 Sam Edwards OJO Images
224 Sam Edwards OJO Images
253 Sam Edwards OJO Images
271 Sam Edwards OJO Images
287 Sam Edwards OJO Images
292 Sam Edwards OJO Images
331 Sam Edwards OJO Images
410 Sam Edwards OJO Images
413 Sam Edwards OJO Images
152 Tom Merton OJO Images
164 Tom Merton OJO Images
346 Tom Merton OJO Images
396 Tom Merton OJO Images
497 Tom Merton OJO Images
320 albert mollon Moment
355 Alex Segre Moment
412 alfalfa126 Moment
215 Amanda Mabel Moment
85 Angelita Niedziejko Moment
254 Carlo A Moment
7 Claudia Veja Moment
301 d3sign Moment
322 d3sign Moment
267 delphinE LE BERRE Moment
234 Denise Courutier Moment
23 Guido Mieth Moment
117 Guido Mieth Moment
364 Guido Mieth Moment
377 Juanpablo San Martin Moment
303 Karen Hagan Moment
149 Levi Blanco Moment
426 lina Aidukaite Moment
210 Lina Alice Moment
177 lppei naoi Moment
466 M Swiet Productions Moment
16 Mait Juriado Moment
444 Marcel ter Bekke Moment
188 Megan Moment
249 Mijang Ka Moment
175 nacoki Moment
302 New State of Color Moment
104 Olivia Bell Moment
143 Olivia Bell Moment
430 photographer and designer Moment
35 Rafael Elias Moment
212 Rafael Elias Moment
379 Ramiro Olaciregui Moment
74 Saumi Shah Moment
359 Sayid Budhi Moment
18 Sophia Alexis Moment
153 Tang Ming Tung Moment
265 Tang Ming Tung Moment
156 Tommaso Tuzj Moment
208 Wesbs Moment
3 William Andrew Moment
463 William Andrew Moment
314 albert mollon Moment Open
354 Martin Barraud Caiaimage
384 Martin Barraud Caiaimage
400 Martin Barraud Caiaimage
462 Martin Barraud Caiaimage
481 Martin Barraud Caiaimage
20 Paul Bradbury Caiaimage
46 Paul Bradbury Caiaimage
91 Paul Bradbury Caiaimage
55 Robert Daly Caiaimage
81 Robert Daly Caiaimage
145 Robert Daly Caiaimage
151 Robert Daly Caiaimage
277 Robert Daly Caiaimage
337 Robert Daly Caiaimage
47 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
69 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
189 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
221 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
248 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
296 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
326 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
336 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
428 Sam Edwards Caiaimage
105 Tom Merton Caiaimage
130 Tom Merton Caiaimage
147 Tom Merton Caiaimage
154 Tom Merton Caiaimage
261 Tom Merton Caiaimage
270 Tom Merton Caiaimage
333 Tom Merton Caiaimage
361 Tom Merton Caiaimage
440 Tom Merton Caiaimage
469 Tom Merton Caiaimage
476 Tom Merton Caiaimage
499 Tom Merton Caiaimage
89 Anderson Ross BrandX
88 Colin Anderson BrandX
219 Colin Anderson BrandX
362 Colin Anderson BrandX
176 Eric Audras / ONOKY BrandX
330 Erik Isakson BrandX
90 Fabrice Ferouge BrandX
239 Fabrice Ferouge BrandX
436 Fabrice Ferouge BrandX
48 Frederic Cirou / Photo Alto BrandX
26 Jamie Grill BrandX
211 Jamie Grill BrandX
317 Jamie Grill BrandX
341 Jamie Grill BrandX
180 John Fedele BrandX
446 John Lund BrandX
15 Jon Feingersh BrandX
22 Jon Feingersh BrandX
39 Milena Boniek / Photo Alto BrandX
399 Peathegee Inc. BrandX
230 Sam Diephuis BrandX
344 Solina Images BrandX
109 Tetra Images BrandX
19 Westend61 BrandX
240 Westend61 BrandX
259 Westend61 BrandX
266 Westend61 BrandX
489 Westend61 BrandX
484 Corey Jenkins Image Source
138 Florin Prunoiu Image Source
14 Image Source Image Source
58 Image Source Image Source
139 Image Source Image Source
214 Image Source Image Source
244 Image Source Image Source
284 Image Source Image Source
285 Image Source Image Source
298 Image Source Image Source
345 Image Source Image Source
360 Image Source Image Source
395 Image Source Image Source
456 Image Source Image Source
491 Image Source Image Source
386 Jade Brookbank Image Source
24 Jamie Kingham Image Source
184 Kevin Kozicki Image Source
332 Kevin Kozicki Image Source
479 Kevin Kozicki Image Source
77 Natalie Young Image Source
260 Natalie Young Image Source
390 Rob Lewine Image Source
61 Robyn Breen Shinn Image Source
274 Seb Oliver Image Source
313 Wonwoo Lee Image Source
275 David and Les Jacobs Blend Images
206 Eric Raptosh Blend Images
34 Jade Blend Images
79 Jamie Grill Blend Images
228 Jamie Grill Blend Images
233 Jamie Grill Blend Images
387 Jamie Grill Blend Images
405 Jamie Grill Blend Images
129 John Lund Blend Images
323 John Lund Blend Images
404 John Lund Blend Images
92 Jose Luis Palaez Blend Images
160 Jose Luis Palaez Blend Images
432 Jose Luis Palaez Blend Images
464 Jose Luis Palaez Blend Images
500 Jose Luis Palaez Blend Images
309 Kyle Monk Blend Images
204 Peter Dressel Blend Images
324 Peter Dressel Blend Images
32 Roberto Westbrook Blend Images
114 Sam Diephuis Blend Images
122 Tom Grill Blend Images
308 AID/a collection RF amana images
132 Bloom Images BLOOMimage
335 Bloom Images BLOOMimage
193 Blue Jean Images Blue Jean Images
222 Blue Jean Images Blue Jean Images
389 Blue Jean Images Blue Jean Images
442 Lane Oakley Blue Jean Images
134 Lane Oatey Blue Jean Images
80 Echo Cultura
187 Echo Cultura
280 Innocenti Cultura
289 Innocenti Cultura
318 Innocenti Cultura
108 Kris Ubach Cultura
299 Marcus Lund Cultura
371 Monty Rakusen Cultura
173 Nick White Cultura
45 Robin Skjoldborg Cultura
98 Seb Oliver Cultura
482 Seb Oliver Cultura
363 suedhang Cultura
415 Walter Zerla Cultura
455 Antenna fStop
423 Benjamin A. Peterson Fuse
59 Dean Pictures / Fuse Fuse
120 Fuse Fuse
140 Fuse Fuse
237 Fuse Fuse
375 Fuse Fuse
490 Fuse Fuse
68 Hero Images Hero Images
163 Hero Images Hero Images
190 Hero Images Hero Images
358 Hero Images Hero Images
378 Hero Images Hero Images
374 Imagemore Imagemore
199 Ingram Publishing ingram Publishing
192 Martin Bolvidsson Maskot
420 Maskot Maskot
243 Alex Treadway National Geographic
229 O Louis Mazzatenta National Geographic
295 Eric Audras / ONOKY ONOKY
256 Fabrice Ferouge ONOKY
282 Fabrice Ferouge ONOKY
461 Fabrice Ferouge ONOKY
53 Aidon Photodisc
312 Andrew Bret Wallis Photodisc
235 Ciaran Griffin Photodisc
380 Claran Griffin Photodisc
125 Dejan Patic Photodisc
183 Digital Vision Photodisc
494 Digital Vision Photodisc
136 Digital Vision Photodisc
246 Digital Vision Photodisc
278 DMH Images Photodisc
493 Jack Hollingsworth Photodisc
468 Juan Silva Photodisc
126 Maria Teijeiro Photodisc
40 Medioimages Photodisc
286 Ozgur Donmaz Photodisc
414 Robert Decelis Photodisc
443 Robert Decelis Photodisc
100 Siri Stafford Photodisc
146 Siri Stafford Photodisc
433 Siri Stafford Photodisc
427 Xavier Arnau Serrat Photodisc
113 B2M Productions Photographers Choice RF
238 Dimitri Otis Photographers Choice RF
411 Dimitri Otis Photographers Choice RF
401 Travelpix Ltd. Photographers Choice RF
137 William Andrew Photographers Choice RF
297 William Andrew Photographers Choice RF
409 William Andrew Photographers Choice RF
472 William Andrew Photographers Choice RF
194 Purestock Purestock
245 Purestock Purestock
291 Purestock Purestock
460 Purestock Purestock
473 Purestock Purestock
342 Radius Images Radius Images
294 JamieB RooM
273 altrendo images Stockbyte
451 altrendo images Stockbyte
51 Clerkenwell Stockbyte
196 George Doyle Stockbyte
383 George Doyle Stockbyte
182 Jupiterimages Stockbyte
315 Jamie Grill Tetra Images
172 Jessica Peterson Tetra Images
66 momentimages Tetra Images
121 momentimages Tetra Images
166 momentimages Tetra Images
73 Tetra Images Tetra Images
169 Tetra Images Tetra Images
373 Chad Riley Upper Cut Images
115 Heath Korvola Upper Cut Images
471 Westend61 Westend61
408 XiXinXing XiXinXing

Copyright © 2014 Jim Pickerell. The above article may not be copied, reproduced, excerpted or distributed in any manner without written permission from the author. All requests should be submitted to Selling Stock at 10319 Westlake Drive, Suite 162, Bethesda, MD 20817, phone 301-461-7627, e-mail: wvz@fpcubgbf.pbz

Jim Pickerell is founder of www.selling-stock.com, an online newsletter that publishes daily. He is also available for personal telephone consultations on pricing and other matters related to stock photography. He occasionally acts as an expert witness on matters related to stock photography. For his current curriculum vitae go to: http://www.jimpickerell.com/Curriculum-Vitae.aspx.  


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