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Articles from January 2002

Random Thoughts 43

By Jim Pickerell | 1330 Words | Posted 1/30/2002 | Comments
The French news staff of the Corbis brands Sygma, Kipa and Tempsport instituted a work stoppage on January 28th. Additional stories in this Random Thoughts include: Corbis Acquires Sekani, Ad Sales Down in 2001 and Expectations for 2002, Zefa Opens London Office, National Geographic CD-ROM's Missing Some Pictures, Hemera Technologies and TimePix Changes Directions.

Getty Images Moves Seattle Design Office Operation

By Jim Pickerell | 584 Words | Posted 1/22/2002 | Comments
Getty Images has announced that they will close the Seattle design studio that produces catalogs and advertising material and move the operation to London. A main emphasis of the Seattle studio had been the design of marketing products for PhotoDisc.

Superstock Creates the X-File

By Jim Pickerell | 1693 Words | Posted 1/22/2002 | Comments
SuperStock has developed a new two-tier online search strategy that will allow them to make many more images available for customer viewing than is the case with most other agencies.

Superstock Closes Production Facility

By Jim Pickerell | 937 Words | Posted 1/22/2002 | Comments
SuperStock has changed their production strategy and closed their three studios in Jacksonville. In the past they had employed between 4 and 6 staff photographers and 3 producers. Now they believe they can get all the images they need from the photographers who work with them on contract.

PR Direct Acquires Global Photo

By Jim Pickerell | 544 Words | Posted 1/14/2002 | Comments
The French Royalty Free agency, PR Direct has taken control of the bankrupt editorial agency GlobalPhoto. Photographers may receive no royalties for images licensed by GlobalPhoto before the bankruptcy was filed.

Creative Eye Looks For New Money

By Jim Pickerell | 940 Words | Posted 1/14/2002 | Comments
Creative Eye, a photographer cooperative, is in financial trouble. Founded in the summer of 2001 as a way to save the MIRA stock photo database originally developed by ASMP, it now is asking photographers to buy Preferred Stock shares at $1,000 each.

A Rolling Stone

By Sarah Saunders | 1914 Words | Posted 1/7/2002 | Comments
This interview with Tony Stone was written by Sarah Saunders and first appeared in Visuell in October 2001. It provides insight into where he thinks the industry should be headed, but he is still not ready to define his new role.

Stone's Thoughts - Another Perspective

By Jim Pickerell | 2012 Words | Posted 1/7/2002 | Comments
This story looks at some of the issues raised in the Saunders article on Tony Stone (Story 452) and offers some alternative points of view and things to think about.

Modify Your Business

By Jim Pickerell | 1048 Words | Posted 1/3/2002 | Comments
Stock agencies need to examine new business models as an alternative, or add-on line-of-business to the traditional agency model. The one outlined in this story focuses on handling Editing and Research for customers and providing Negotiation, Collection and Payment services for photographers.

January 2002 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 7622 Words | Posted 1/3/2002 | Comments
This issue of the printed newsletter has stories on Resolutions For 2002, New Business Model, Photographer Payment Problems At Getty, Where's RF Headed?, Getting Images Seen, Corbis Reorganization Of Sygma, Other French Editorial Agencies With Problems, and Effective Keywording.

Resoultions for 2002

By Jim Pickerell | 629 Words | Posted 1/3/2002 | Comments
Now is a good time to start your planning for 2002. This story offers a few resolutions for photographers and stock agents to consider.

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