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Articles from November 2013

Photojournalists Call For Better Access To The White House

By Jim Pickerell | 664 Words | Posted 11/29/2013 | Comments
Last week a coalition of 37 news organizations, including the Associated Press, ABC News, The Washington Post and Reuters called for better access to the president and the White House in a letter addressed to White House press secretary Jay Carney.

News Photographer Job Cuts

By Jim Pickerell | 244 Words | Posted 11/27/2013 | Comments
The number of news photographers employed in the U.S has dropped 43% since 2000 from 6,171 to 3,493 according to the ASNE (American Society of News Editors). By comparison, the number of full-time newspaper reporters and writers dropped by 32%—from 25,593 to 17,422.

Morel Awarded $1.2 Million In Damages From AFP, Getty Images

By Jim Pickerell | 222 Words | Posted 11/25/2013 | Comments
A jury has awarded photographer Daniel Morel $1.2 million in damages in his case against Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Getty Images for the unauthorized distribution of his images of the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake. At the time Morel received no payment from the agencies for almost 1,000 uses of his images.

Unreaslistic Buyer Expectations

By Jim Pickerell | 936 Words | Posted 11/22/2013 | Comments (2)
The formula for producing stock images that sell is simple. Produce what customers want. All they want are images of  “better quality” that are “more creative,” “natural, not staged” and that clearly illustrate a “concept” the customer needs at the moment. Also, the “price” for usage must be lower than anything else available.

Trends In Sight

By Jim Pickerell | 399 Words | Posted 11/21/2013 | Comments
Corbis has released a series of eight research reports entitled “Trends In Sight” that explain and illustrate with Corbis images What’s New and What’s Next in photography.

Google Wins: Google Books Does Not Violate Copyright Law

By Jim Pickerell | 416 Words | Posted 11/21/2013 | Comments
Judge Denny Chin in Southern District of New York has ruled that Google Books provides a public benefit and is a fair use of copyrighted material. He ruled that the Google Books project doesn’t violate copyright law and dismissed the eight-year-old lawsuit against Google.

Design Pics Acquires AgStock Images

By Jim Pickerell | 351 Words | Posted 11/21/2013 | Comments
Design Pics Inc. has announced the acquisition of AgStock Images, a California based photo agency specializing in agricultural photography. Founded in 1996 by Ed Young, is a comprehensive library of worldwide agricultural photography, representing over 115 leading agriculture, produce, livestock, entomology, botany and plant pathology photographers, including photographers who are also professors and researchers across the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.

Top Shutterstock Contributors

By Jim Pickerell | 942 Words | Posted 11/20/2013 | Comments (2)
This story contains a list of the 99 Shutterstock contributors with the largest portfolios. All have more than 17,000 images on Shutterstock and the leading contributor, Africa Studio, has 346,683. Combined these 99 contributors have 4,433,257 or almost 14% of all the images on Shutterstock.There is a hot link to each contributor’s collection.

Changing Stock Photography World

By Jim Pickerell | 1539 Words | Posted 11/19/2013 | Comments (10)
As happens every fall there is a whirlwind of photo conferences – PACA Annual Conference, Visual Connection and PhotoPlusExpo (all in New York), and this year Microstock Expo in Berlin. In light of everything I’ve seen and heard between October 20 and November 17, 2013 I’ve provided a few observations as to where I think the stock photo industry is headed.

Microsoft’s 3-Step Process To Online Theft

By Robert Henson | 501 Words | Posted 11/14/2013 | Comments (1)
Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker and itself a massive consumer of image content for its products and services, has taken the bold step of promoting the theft of images online. Through its newly revamped Office product, Microsoft is replacing an image search functionality – one that routed the user to vetted sources for searching, transacting and integrating content into their online projects – with a general Bing search. While Microsoft is certainly free to remove one piece of Office functionality and push users onto the Bing platform, the methods of how it is doing so underscores a blatant disregard of intellectual property.

Have Your Stock Images Disappeared Into The Abyss?

By Jim Pickerell | 964 Words | Posted 11/13/2013 | Comments
Hundreds of thousands of images in major stock distributor collections are never viewed by any customer. If customers can’t see them they certainly can’t buy them. Tens of thousands of images are being added to stock photo databases every day. A very high percentage of them will quickly fall into an abyss never to be seen again. Is there a solution to this problem?

CEPIC Submits EU Antitrust Complaint Against Google Images

By Jim Pickerell | 1483 Words | Posted 11/13/2013 | Comments
On behalf of thousands of photographers and picture agencies CEPIC, the Center of the Picture Industry has submitted a formal antitrust complaint against Google’s use of third-party images before the European Commission. The complaint was submitted on 8 November 2013 and supported by an unprecedented coalition of European and US trade associations representing thousands of photographers and picture agencies worldwide.

Andrew Paul Leonard Awarded $1.6 Million For Copyright Infringement

By Jim Pickerell | 255 Words | Posted 11/13/2013 | Comments
Attorney Edward Greenberg reports that Andrew Paul Leonard, a professional photographer who specializes in creating images of microscopic subject matter using a scanning electron microscope (“SEM”) has been awarded $1.6 million in his copyright infringement lawsuit against Stemtech Health Service.

Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Representation

By Jim Pickerell | 1462 Words | Posted 11/12/2013 | Comments (2)
Does exclusive representation make sense in today’s stock photography world, or is it better to place your images with multiple distributors? Here are a few things to consider.  

Why Do Images Cost So Much?

By Jim Pickerell | 1318 Words | Posted 11/11/2013 | Comments (1)
Buyers often ask, “Why do stock images cost so much?” Photographers and agents tend to respond, “Because some images cost more than others to produce.” But the buyer will invariably point out that some very simple images shot on a white background are often priced higher than other more complicated and complex images that obviously cost more to produce.

Shutterstock Q3 Revenue: $59.6 Million

By Jim Pickerell | 914 Words | Posted 11/8/2013 | Comments (3)
Shutterstock has reported a record 25.4 million downloads and $56.8 million in revenue in Q3 2013. The Shutterstock collection has grown to more than 30 million still images and over 1.3 million video clips. Revenue per download grew 4% year-over-year to $2.35. The growth in revenue per download was driven primarily by a growing portion of revenue that is derived from video footage downloads.

Disconnect For Educational Image Creators

By Jim Pickerell | 1286 Words | Posted 11/6/2013 | Comments
Educational publishers are telling stock agencies and image creators that they need more and “better quality” still images. Despite declining prices many still photographers are continuing to try to improve on the images of educational subjects already in stock agencies. This may be a losing strategy for photographers.

Licensing From The Buyer's Perspective

By Jim Pickerell | 1240 Words | Posted 11/5/2013 | Comments (1)
In business it often helps to try to walk in your customer’s shoes. The following is a situation that developed when a busy designer was trying to give his customer a quality product on a tight deadline (aren’t all deadlines tight these days), and keep the cost of the project reasonable and within the customer’s budget.

Alamy Lowers Payout Threshold: Again!

By Jim Pickerell | 96 Words | Posted 11/5/2013 | Comments
Alamy has decided to lower the payout threshold for contributors and make payments whenever a contributor has $75 on account. No fees will be charged at the Alamy end regardless of the method or currency the contributor chooses.

Buyer Confusion About Rights Licensed

By Jim Pickerell | 1182 Words | Posted 11/5/2013 | Comments (3)
One of the surprising things that came out of this year’s Visual Connections event in New York was the degree of confusion and misunderstandings  graphic designers and art directors have about image rights. Many seem unsure as to what they can and cannot do with the images they license.

Is Content King?

By Jim Pickerell | 136 Words | Posted 11/1/2013 | Comments (1)
On his Thoughts of a Bohemian blog Paul Melcher points out that content is no longer king. Given the rise of amateur photography and the “corpocrates” that regularly license RM imagery for a few dollars, pros are content kings without kingdoms.

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