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Articles from May 2010

16 Reasons to Attend the CEPIC Congress

By Jim Pickerell | 344 Words | Posted 5/28/2010 | Comments (2)
There is only a little over a week left until the 2010 CEPIC International Congress and New Media Conference in Dublin, Ireland, takes place on June 9–13. This is the premier annual event, worldwide, for those who produce and market stock imagery. It is not too late to register, and if you are a member of the Picture Archive Council of America or the American Society of Picture Professionals, there is a special discount rate.

PicApp Adds Reuters News Photos

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 171 Words | Posted 5/27/2010 | Comments
PicScout spin-off PicApp has announced an agreement with Reuters, adding the news company’s photographic coverage to the ad-supported image-licensing platform.

Alamy Reduces File-Size Requirement

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 352 Words | Posted 5/27/2010 | Comments
Alamy has changed its minimum submission guidelines to introduce a 24-megabyte minimum uncompressed image size. Judging by comments in online forums, the move is meeting with contributor approval.

Making Money In Microstock

By Jim Pickerell | 1076 Words | Posted 5/26/2010 | Comments (2)
A Russian photographer asks what subjects he should shoot for microstock in order to maximize his earnings. With hard work, he feels he can duplicate the results achieved by Yuri Arcurs, particularly because shooting in Russia can be much cheaper than Arcurs' Denmark location. Yet there are flaws to that logic.

Alamy Funds Second YPA Scholarship

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 65 Words | Posted 5/25/2010 | Comments
For the second year in a row, Alamy is supporting the Young Photographers Alliance foundation. The U.K. library was the first company to pledge a scholarship in 2009 and is renewing its support in 2010. Last year, the Alamy Scholarship Award was presented to Julianne Jamora of the School for Visual Arts. YPA was established last year to support emerging talent in building sustainable careers.

Pixamba Launches Image Management Product for Micro Users

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 274 Words | Posted 5/25/2010 | Comments
Pixamba, the maker of popular micro-contributor software ProStockMaster, has announced the launch of a digital asset management platform to help microstock photography users manage their image collections. Offered as software-as-service at a starting price point of under $5 per month, the Pixamba Media Management platform is designed to help image buyers index, store, search, tag, back up and retrieve images for reuse.

Photographer Income Survey

By Jim Pickerell | 160 Words | Posted 5/24/2010 | Comments
Jim Pickerell is launching a new photographer income survey in an effort to determine general income trends for photographers in the last couple of years. We encourage photographers, worldwide, who have had any earnings whatsoever in the last two years from licensing rights to their images to answer this brief questionnaire.

CEPIC Congress Promises to Kick Ash

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 261 Words | Posted 5/24/2010 | Comments
The organizers of the upcoming Dublin congress encourage attendees not to worry about potential disruption from the Icelandic volcano. CEPIC president Christina Vaughan sent out a note stating: “The worst of the disruption took place in April, and the authorities have now learned how to deal with it.”

Corbis to Liquidate Sygma

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 457 Words | Posted 5/21/2010 | Comments
In a letter to its contributors, Corbis has disclosed it will be seeking liquidation of the Sygma business entity in France. The company acquired Sygma in 1999 and has had numerous well-publicized legal and management issues with the former agency’s photographers, staff and assets.

Getty Images Offers Sky News Editorial Footage

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 208 Words | Posted 5/21/2010 | Comments
Getty Images has announced it has signed a four-year agreement with Sky News to license and distribute Sky editorial footage, which significantly grows its news, sport and entertainment offering.

Print Advertising and the Future of Stock Photography

By Jim Pickerell | 1135 Words | Posted 5/20/2010 | Comments (1)
A large percentage of the still-photo segment of the stock photography business is related to advertising—either licensing images for use in print ads, or licensing them for use in editorial products that are supported to a great extent by ads. The health of the stock photography business is directly related to the health of the print business. To understand what is likely to happen in the still photography business, it is important to have some understanding of advertising trends.

Expanding Your Business With Video

By Gail A Mooney | 1104 Words | Posted 5/20/2010 | Comments
I had already been a still photographer for over 20 years when I started exploring digital video and the motion medium ten years ago. I had built a successful career shooting editorially for magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure to name a few, as well as producing annual reports for major corporations.  When digital video hit the scene in the late ‘90’s, I was already starting to feel a slight frustration in trying to tell certain stories with a still camera. I was beginning to think and see in terms of movement and sound.  At the same time, technology was making it possible and affordable with digital video cameras and non-linear editing software for me to use this medium to tell my stories.  The new tools were a means to an end.

FootageBank HD Partners with

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 60 Words | Posted 5/19/2010 | Comments
FootageBank HD has added 70,000 stock clips to, a comprehensive search platform for the film and video industries.

National Geographic Launches Paid Digital Product, Promotes Griffin to New Digital Role

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 388 Words | Posted 5/19/2010 | Comments
“National Geographic Interactive adapts the analog magazine to be more easily and logically experienced in a digital form,” reads the description of the new products. The publisher also promoted longtime director of photography David Griffin to the newly created position of executive editor, electronic publishing. Such changes at one of the most venerable titles may be a preview of the publishing industry’s future—and, in turn, the future of the images it uses.

iStockphoto Launches Microsoft Plugin

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 140 Words | Posted 5/18/2010 | Comments
iStockphoto has announced a plugin that enables Microsoft Office users to search and purchase more than 6 million photos and illustrations.

Alamy Discontinues Supplying Sales Statistics

By Jim Pickerell | 196 Words | Posted 5/18/2010 | Comments
Alamy will no longer make financial information publicly available. Since Getty Images went private, the U.K. company's quarterly numbers have represented the only reliable sales data in the industry.

Getty Images Launches to Educate Content Users

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 348 Words | Posted 5/17/2010 | Comments (1)
Getty Images has built and launched, an educational Web site that aims to guide users through the complexities and legal issues involved in image uses. The company said that the launch responds to the findings of a new survey, which identified a lack of understanding of such issues among many image users.

Mopsik Receives IPC Leadership Award

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 234 Words | Posted 5/17/2010 | Comments
Eugene Mopsik, the executive director of the American Society of Media Photographers, has received the 2010 International Photographic Council Photographer Leadership Award. IPC is a a United Nations organization that promotes peace through photography.

Roger-Viollet Relaunches Web Site

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 46 Words | Posted 5/17/2010 | Comments
Historical archive Roger-Viollet has updated its Web site to include larger images, easier access to editorial content and new technical functionality. Roger-Viollet currently offers more than 6 million photographs that cover 150 years of French and international history, including events, arts, portraits, politics and everyday life.

PicScout Partners with London Law Firm Mishcon de Reya

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 227 Words | Posted 5/14/2010 | Comments
London-based law firm Mishcon de Reya is joining the PicScout legal partner program, which helps the company’s image-tracking clients pursue compensation for use of their visual assets. Mishcon is known for intellectual property litigation, particularly through its TULIP—turning profit into loss—program, which PicScout says is reminiscent of its own “every image gets its credit” motto. Opportunity for Videographers?

By Jim Pickerell | 1192 Words | Posted 5/14/2010 | Comments
One of the leading producers of short form business profiles (videos of 45 to 75 seconds) is The company has a network of over 8,000 freelance videographers working in over 70 countries. It has produced more than 27,000 short videos (7,000 within the last 6 months) for local business around the world.

NYPH Opens Third Show

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 59 Words | Posted 5/13/2010 | Comments
The third New York Photo Festival is open through this weekend. The event features day and evening programming and numerous events.

Architectural Micro HotShoo to Launch Soon

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 75 Words | Posted 5/13/2010 | Comments (1)
The brainchild of two Boulder architectural designers who say they are fed up with lack of relevant imagery is slated to come out of beta this June.

Fotolia Upgrades Office Plugin

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 92 Words | Posted 5/13/2010 | Comments
First launched in October, Fotolia’s Microsoft Word and PowerPoint plugin—or ribbon, as Microsoft now calls them—has gone global with support for 10 languages, one for every country of Fotolia operations.

What’s an Advertising Image Worth?

By Jim Pickerell | 736 Words | Posted 5/13/2010 | Comments (3)
What is top-quality photography for a major advertising campaign worth? Evidently, art buyers at Campbell-Ewald, one of the largest advertising agencies in the U.S., think $2,500 for “all advertising” and “all print” rights is fair and reasonable, as evidenced by a recent negotiation for the use of one of Hans Halberstadt’s photos.

Floor Prices For Editorial Use

By Jim Pickerell | 1699 Words | Posted 5/12/2010 | Comments (2)
Is it time to institute a system of floor prices for the use of rights-managed images for editorial purposes? Is there any price so low—$50, $30 or $20—that the image creator would prefer not to make the sale?

Press Association Launches Online Video

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 189 Words | Posted 5/11/2010 | Comments
U.K.’s Press Association has launched an online archive of video news. The offering contains 40,000 clips from the past and present, ranging from current affairs to sports and entertainment news coverage.

Panos Relaunches Site, Hires, Unveils Further Plans

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 249 Words | Posted 5/11/2010 | Comments
London-based Panos Pictures, which specializes in social issues, has announced a series of changes, ranging from a Web site relaunch to new staff members and photographer collective. According to the agency, the changes herald its 25th anniversary, upcoming in 2011.

Corbis Copyright Registration Scheme Ruled Invalid

By Jim Pickerell | 1095 Words | Posted 5/11/2010 | Comments
A New York court has ruled that copyright registrations obtained by Corbis for images submitted by at least one photographer-contributor are invalid, in part due to Corbis’ failure to list the names of the photographers—the authors and owners of the copyrights in the registered images—on registrations submitted by Corbis. 

ApplicationGap Launches Easy Release 1.6

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 216 Words | Posted 5/7/2010 | Comments
ApplicationGap, founded by former Getty Images’ executive Robert Giroux, has announced an update to Easy Release. First launched in March, version 1.6 of the iPhone app that handles model and property releases features iPad and landscape-mode support.

Magnum Announces iPhone App

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 93 Words | Posted 5/6/2010 | Comments
Magnum is commemorating World Press Freedom  day with the launch of an iPhone app featuring legendary images.

ASMP Donates $50K to Young Photographers Alliance

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 172 Words | Posted 5/6/2010 | Comments
The American Society of Media Photographers Foundation has become a founding sponsor of the Young Photographers Alliance by donating $50,000 to fund the development and launch of two key mentoring and internship programs and two scholarships.

Corbis Appoints Netherlands Rep: HillCreek Pictures

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 80 Words | Posted 5/5/2010 | Comments

Image Source Grows Cross-Media Inventory

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 136 Words | Posted 5/5/2010 | Comments
London-based Image Source has built an inventory of 50 cross-media collections, all of which are available online. According to founder and chief executive Christina Vaughan, Image Source is positioning itself to capitalize on growth in cross-media campaigns and appetite for motion content.

Veer Offers Cash Contributor Incentives

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 188 Words | Posted 5/5/2010 | Comments (2)
Veer has announced “Dash for Cash,” a supplier incentive program the Corbis-owned company says will give away hundreds of thousands of dollars for images contributed to the Marketplace between now and June 30.

Getting Started In Stock Photography

By Jim Pickerell | 914 Words | Posted 5/5/2010 | Comments
This story provides links to some of the stories on this site that may be of interest to someone new to the stock photography business, or someone who might to have a brief refresher course on some of the things that have been happening in the last few years. Many of these stories will also give you some idea of developing trends and what the future might hold.

Future Opportunities For Careers In Photography

By Jim Pickerell | 896 Words | Posted 5/4/2010 | Comments (1)
The topic of future career opportunities in photography has engendered a lively discussion on several Linkedin groups. Do such opportunities still exist or should most of those entering the profession consider other avenues?

Photoshelter Releases Photography Blog Handbook

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 220 Words | Posted 5/4/2010 | Comments
The Photography Blog Handbook is latest in a series of what many photographers describe as highly useful educational business resources by New York online archive company Photoshelter. Available free of charge upon request, the 36-page PDF details tools and techniques that promise to improve the popularity and search ranking of any blog—and help those who have thought a blog beyond them begin and benefit from one.

Of Interest To Microstockers

By Jim Pickerell | 1100 Words | Posted 5/4/2010 | Comments
This is a list of 14 articles that will provide microstock photographers, or those considering contributing to microstock sites, some useful background and insights into the industry.

Sullivan, Biondi Curate Auction for Foundation Rwanda

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 217 Words | Posted 5/3/2010 | Comments
Getty Images’ Aidan Sullivan and New Yorker visual editor Elizabeth Biondi are co-curating a fine-art photography auction to benefit Foundation Rwanda. Hosted by Bonhams New York, “Foundation Rwanda: An Evening of Food & Fotos” will take place at Bonhams’ Madison Avenue location on May 13.

Silver Lining of Consolidation

By Jim Pickerell | 603 Words | Posted 5/3/2010 | Comments
Sometimes there is a silver lining when your stock agency gets acquired or you get kicked out of the agency. For example, clients that previously licensed Stock Connection imagery through Jupiterimages now have to re-license them directly, because Getty Images has phased out some content.

Quiz: 20 Questions To Test Your Photo Business Knowledge

By Jim Pickerell | 746 Words | Posted 5/2/2010 | Comments
Twenty questions to test your knowledge of the photo licensing industry and its future potential.

Specialized Microstock Collections: Point/Counterpoint

By Ellen Boughn | 1498 Words | Posted 5/1/2010 | Comments
This article by Ellen Boughn raises the question of whether there is a need for specialized niche microstock collections, argues the case for them and points to Vivozoom and Microstock Israel as indications that we may see more of them. Jim Pickerell presents counter arguments as to why the success of such sites is unlikely.

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