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Come Alive Images Offers Stock Buyers Animated GIFs

By Jim Pickerell | 698 Words | Posted 2/23/2015 | Comments
Jerry Tavin and Joe Panker launched Come Alive Images. This site is dedicated to the commercial potential of GIFs—motion graphics, cinemagraphs, animated photography, looping illustrations and animation, 3D stereo photography and photo/video hybrids.

ImageBrief’s Photographer Search

By Jim Pickerell | 823 Words | Posted 12/30/2014 | Comments
Early in December ImageBrief introduced a Photographer Search feature. It’s a great idea and something photographers need, but it still needs a little work. This story identifies some of the problem areas and offers suggestions that make "Photographer Search" more user friendly.

Pricing For Profit

By John Harrington | 576 Words | Posted 12/4/2014 | Comments
If your are a photographer who works hard, but has trouble earning much of a profit then you need to read John Harrington's advice. John is an award-winning Washington, DC based photographer who covers the world of politics as well as doing a wide range of commercial assignments. His success is due in no small part to his excellent business skills.

Using Owned Photos To Promote A Brand

By Jim Pickerell | 336 Words | Posted 10/3/2014 | Comments
In his Kaptur blog last week Paul Melcher pointed out that in the near future brands may want to wholly own the photography they produce so they can then give it away just as Apple did with music when they partnered with U2 to make a massive release of U2’s new “Songs of Innocence” album.

ImageBrief Sets Record For Highest Single Image Sale

By Jim Pickerell | 278 Words | Posted 8/5/2014 | Comments
ImageBrief reports that in July they made their highest single image sale ever, a $30,000 fee for a stunning aerial image of Rio de Janeiro taken by Flavio Veloso of Brazil Photos.

Record May Sales For Image Brief

By Jim Pickerell | 137 Words | Posted 6/4/2014 | Comments
May was another record month for Image Brief with 128 photographers receiving awards for an average image sale price of $1,238. (That’s $158,464 in total sales.) Three photographers -- Matthew Doggett, Rainer Waelder and Slobodan Blagojevic -- each had sales for $10,000 each.

ASMP – Business as unUsual Webinars

By Jim Pickerell | 494 Words | Posted 4/2/2014 | Comments
ASMP has announced two webinars later this month that should be of value to stock photographers and stock photo agents. Both are free if you sign up and listen at the scheduled time. These webinars will also be recorded and made available within a week after the event through a web link. ASMP members will be able to listen to them for free. Non-members will be charged a fee of $4.99.

More On ImageBrief

By Jim Pickerell | 625 Words | Posted 2/19/2014 | Comments
Over the weekend I reported that there were 71 live briefs on ImageBrief worth a combined total of over $150,000. Allyson Scott, who has been responding to briefs and submitting images for more than six months, points out that actually making a sale is not as easy as I might have made it sound. Here’s what she had to say.

71 Live Briefs On ImageBrief

By Jim Pickerell | 333 Words | Posted 2/15/2014 | Comments
Currrently there are 71 image requests worth a combined total of over $150,000 on ImageBrief. Clients looking for photos include: BBH (UK), Conde Nast, Huge Inc, Weiden+Kennedy, Story Worldwide, Expedia Inc, Grey Advertising, Penguin Books, Random House, Hearst, TriBeCa Film Festival, Proximity, Visa, McGarry Bowen, Harper Collins, Young & Rubicam.

Stock Photography: Flawed Business Model

By Jim Pickerell | 969 Words | Posted 10/29/2013 | Comments
Stock photography is changing rapidly. The most serious issues facing stock photographers are:
    they have no idea who their potential customers are;
    they don’t know what their customers are looking for in the way of images; and
    they don’t understand how their customer’s businesses are changing.

What Buyers Want From Photographers

By Jim Pickerell | 395 Words | Posted 10/18/2013 | Comments
PhotoShelter has just released the results of a new survey designed to determine “What Buyers Want From Photographers.” The 48 page report is available for Free here.

Should Photographs Have A Monetary Value?

By Jim Pickerell | 391 Words | Posted 10/15/2013 | Comments
Does anyone other than photographers think that photographers should be compensated with more than a credit for the use of their images? The response photographer Kristen Pierson received from the publisher of the Warwick, RI Beacon displays a common attitude, not just of the average consumer, but of many professionals and commercial users who should be licensing rights to the images they use.

Who Shot The Photographer?

By Jim Pickerell | 575 Words | Posted 8/23/2013 | Comments
ImageBrief that connects creative and marketing professionals to a curated network of more than 7,500 professional photographers in 115 countries has published an infographic  that outlines some of the risks professional photographers face in the current market.

National Geographic Creative: Single Destination For Stills, Motion, Talent

By Jim Pickerell | 519 Words | Posted 6/7/2013 | Comments
National Geographic has gathered its expansive archive of still and moving images and its roster of award-winning photographic and filmmaking talent and made them accessible to the creative community in one place, through National Geographic Creative.

Pricing Your Assignment Work

By Jim Pickerell | 287 Words | Posted 5/27/2013 | Comments
PhotoShelter, in conjunction with Bill Cramer, founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, has released a new free guide on Pricing Corporate and Industrial Photography. The guide provides useful price ranges for a variety of shoot types including: Corporate Lifestyle, Environmental Portraiture, Corporate Reportage, Headshots, Event Photography and Library Shoots.

Photographer Day Rates Survey Results

By Jim Pickerell | 807 Words | Posted 5/9/2013 | Comments
The United Kingdom company Eposure has posted preliminary results of its Photographer Day Rates survey that was conducted online through its blog. Eposure is a company that “brings commercial photographers and businesses closer” and provides information and mentoring programs for photographers.

ImageBrief Closes $700,000 Investment Round

By Jim Pickerell | 407 Words | Posted 3/22/2013 | Comments
ImageBrief has raised a $700,000 round of financing from Square Peg’s Paul Bassat and Justin Liberman as well as other Australian investors. Originally based in Australia, the company has raised $2.2 million thus far.

By Jim Pickerell | 922 Words | Posted 3/7/2013 | Comments
Given the competition in the world of professional photography, anything that can help a photographer find customers is worth considering. A reader recently called my attention to that allows art buyers to provide a detailed outline brief of their image needs for current projects. Photographers can review the briefs and submit images for the projects.

Leading Advertising Photographers Join Novus Select

By Jim Pickerell | 166 Words | Posted 3/7/2013 | Comments
Novus Select has announced the addition of David Burnett, Holly Wilmeth, John Hafner and Joseph Puhy to its existing roster of talented artists centered around advertising. All have shot advertising and branding projects for top brands including GM, FedEx, Canon, Cabela’s and more.

Is Instagram A Professional Tool For Photographers?

By Jim Pickerell | 317 Words | Posted 11/7/2012 | Comments
After Hurricane Sandy many news organizations will be thinking hard about covering breaking news events with iPhone’s and delivering the images via Instagram. Kira Pollack, Director of Photography for Time Magazine, hired five professional photographers to cover the event with their iPhones rather than their digital SLRs. By delivering the images via Instagram Time was able to show customers a more comprehensive report faster that would have been possible with a traditional approach to the assignment.

Novus Select Launches Tectonic Media Group

By Jim Pickerell | 308 Words | Posted 10/24/2012 | Comments
Novus Select announced today the formation of Tectonic Media Group (TMG), a New York-based talent management and media consulting firm. TMG represents the top talent in action and adventure sports photography and filmmaking. The firm will look after each artist in all aspects of their career, from print advertising and editorial work, to directing commercials, branded content, and feature length documentaries, as well as content licensing, book publishing, speaking engagements, and brand endorsements.

EP Merges With APA

By Jim Pickerell | 502 Words | Posted 10/23/2012 | Comments
American Photographic Artists (APA) has announced that Editorial Photographers (EP), a highly regarded association aimed at improving profitability of editorial photography, has agreed to a merger that will benefit professional photographers around the world. The merger is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. This merger will increase the size of APA to approximately 3,200 members.

Scoopshot Introduces Pro Option

By Jim Pickerell | 1027 Words | Posted 9/19/2012 | Comments
Last month we wrote about Scoopshot a site where any photographer can submit cell phone pictures for editorial use. The company has been in business for about 18 months and has over 130,000 contributors from 165 different countries. Now Scoopshot has added an option that allows editors to identify and give assignments to a select group of photographers that produce professional quality work.

YouTube’s Penetration Of News Delivery Business

By Jim Pickerell | 909 Words | Posted 7/16/2012 | Comments
We are rapidly moving toward a time when consumers will get more of their news via YouTube rather than from commercial television. On average 22 million people watch the evening news on the three U.S. broadcast channels each night. But, when there is a major event YouTube views regularly eclipse that number. During Japan’s tsumani disaster in March 2011 the 20 most viewed news-related videos on YouTube that focused on the tragedy were viewed more than 96 million times.

Copyright Registration Becomes More Expensive

By Jim Pickerell | 420 Words | Posted 5/4/2012 | Comments
The U.S. Copyright Office is proposing to increase the registration fee for filing an online application from $35 to $65, and the fee for using a paper application from $65 to $100. They are requesting a fee increase because in 2011 fee receipts only covered 59.5% of the cost of providing the service. The rest comes out of the taxpayers pockets.