Photography As A Career

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It’s that time of year when high school seniors are waiting for college acceptance letters and thinking about future careers. If you know someone who is thinking about photography as a career you might want to point them to the stories listed below.

Photography was a great career for many of my generation who were children at the time of WWII. For those of “Generation Z,” the New Silent Generation as it’s called, taking pictures is unlikely to be a productive way of earning a living. Photography is fun, and a way to express oneself creatively, but it will be almost impossible to earn a decent living by devoting oneself to picture taking as a career. At best, photography will be a supplement to other more lucrative ways of earning income.

If you know of someone who is thinking of spending lots of money for a college education that will train them for a career in photography; tell them to think again.

Photography: Business vs Means of Self Expression

The Future of Still Photography: Hobby or Career

Seeking A Career In Photography

StudentStock: Educating The Next Generation of Photographers

So You Want To Be A Stock Photographer

Is There A Future In Stock Photography?

Image Licensing Trends

Changing Photography Business

The Cost Of Producing Stock?

$15 Per Hour

How To Make Money As A Travel Photographer In 2015

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  • Bill Bachmann Posted Nov 21, 2015
    Jim, if you are good and a good businessman, you can still succeed. Many of us are a lot younger than WWII age, and doing well. Look at young guys lo=ike Yuri.... he does well. Some older than him, like myself, are doing well. If you work hard, have talent and HAVE BUSINESS SKILLS, you can do well! I give lectures & seminars, I wrote a best-selling book on the topic and I have seen many people take my advise and do well. Your advise is always negative -- the sky is falling! Wrong. It is not as easy, buth the opportunities are still there for talented photographers!

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Photography As A Career
It’s that time of year when high school seniors are waiting for college acceptance letters and thinking about future careers. If you know someone who is thinking about photography as a career you mig...
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