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Articles from January 1998

January 1998 Selling Stock

By Jim Pickerell | 4068 Words | Posted 1/10/1998 | Comments
This issue contains stories on NAFP Loses First Round To AP, Selling Individual RF Images, Subjects That Sell, Sales By Category, New ASMP Handbook, Time-Life Syndication, Rights Control and RF, Faulkner Sues Geographic, Annual Photographer Survey, New PACA Members and Estate Planning.

Time-Life Syndication

By Jim Pickerell | 265 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
Time-Life Syndication asks freelance photographers to sign a new letter of agreement formalizing existing arrangements for the resale of any images published in Time Inc. publications.

NAFP Loses First Round to AP

By Jim Pickerell | 796 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
The National Association of Freelance Photographers lost the first round of their suit against Associated Press, but leaders plan to re-file and are optimistic about their chances for eventual success.

Rights Control & Royalty Free

By Jim Pickerell | 677 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
Henry Scanlons piece on Royalty Free photography raised some questions about rights control that Jim Pickerell elaborates on in this article.

1998 Survey (Questions)

By Jim Pickerell | 823 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
A new survey asks whether traditional stock agencies should begin offering royalty free licenses and it attempts to determine current income levels of stock photographers. PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN THE SURVEY.

Faulkner Sues Geographic

By Jim Pickerell | 175 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
Douglas Faulkner, Louis Psihoyos and Matrix International file the first suit against National Geographic relative to their re-use of images without compensation on the ''108 Years of National Geographic Magazine on CD-ROM.

Subjects That Sell

By Jim Pickerell | 263 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
A detailed breakdown of the the subjects that that are in demand by advertising agencies and graphic designers.

New Paca Members

By Jim Pickerell | 257 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
PACA announces new members and explains the procedures for filing a grievance against any member for unethical practices.

Estate Planning

By Jim Pickerell | 3239 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
Putting a value on your life's work can present a major problem for your heirs. Every successful photographer needs to do some estate planning. This major article outlines the steps to take in light of the new tax laws.

Selling Individual RF Images

By Jim Pickerell | 344 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
Royalty free disc producers are moving to sell rights to individual images on-line, but will continue to pay the same 20% share of gross sales in royalties. This should reduce the overall return for photographers as more users of royalty free images get exactly what they want on-line rather than having to buy a disc with many images they will never use.

New ASMP Handbook

By Jim Pickerell | 164 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
ASMP has published a new business practices handbook that has a strong section on stock photography.

Sales By Category

By Jim Pickerell | 464 Words | Posted 1/6/1998 | Comments
Estimates of the percentage of sales in dollars of images that are used in advertising, editorial or other broad categories in the U.S. and Europe.

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