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Articles from May 2008

Newscom Expands Stills, Video

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 75 Words | Posted 5/30/2008 | Comments

Fotolia to Market Subscriptions

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 47 Words | Posted 5/30/2008 | Comments

Corbis Offers Maysles Films Footage

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 104 Words | Posted 5/30/2008 | Comments
Corbis is adding high-definition motion content from documentary filmmaker Maysles Films. The brothers behind the corporate name, Albert and David Maysles, pioneered American cinema verité in films such as Grey Gardens.

Consumer Advertising Leads Online Ad Spending

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 97 Words | Posted 5/30/2008 | Comments
According to latest information from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online ad spending has posted record results for the fourth consecutive year. PricewaterhouseCoopers calculates the total U.S. 2007 revenues at $21.2 billion, 26% year-over-year increase.

Market Size Revenue Analysis

By Jim Pickerell | 465 Words | Posted 5/30/2008 | Comments
I believe the gross worldwide revenue generated from the licensing of stock imagery, both still photos and illustrations, is about $1.8 billion annually. This article focuses on licensing rights to stock imagery. The figures include wire service imagery made available through subscriptions and all other subscription products.

Fotegrafik Opens for Business

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 79 Words | Posted 5/29/2008 | Comments

Jupitermedia Launches Online Training for Creatives

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 85 Words | Posted 5/29/2008 | Comments

Latin Stock Reps Magnum in Latin America

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 64 Words | Posted 5/29/2008 | Comments

Thought Equity Signs Exclusive Deal With MGM

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 441 Words | Posted 5/29/2008 | Comments
Denver-based Thought Equity Motion has become the exclusive global-licensing agent for HD stock footage from select films in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios library.

Tracking Copyright Holders

By Jim Pickerell | 715 Words | Posted 5/29/2008 | Comments (1)
As the orphan works bill wends it way through the U.S. Congress, it is easy to appreciate what a nightmare it is for book publishers to try to clear rights to certain older images. Last week, Stock Connection became involved in a situation that illustrates the point.

OnAsia Upgrades Keywording Software

By Jim Pickerell | 314 Words | Posted 5/29/2008 | Comments
OnAsia has released a significant upgrade to its Windows-based Image Keyworder software that includes a customized Alamy Mode for users submitting images to the UK-based photo agency.

AudioMicro Seeks Submissions

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 75 Words | Posted 5/28/2008 | Comments

U.K. Collective Objects to U.S. Orphan Works Proposal

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 71 Words | Posted 5/28/2008 | Comments

Chasing Lost Business Ignores New Markets

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 642 Words | Posted 5/28/2008 | Comments
The proliferation of the royalty-free model, strengthened by the advent of microstock, has turned stock licensing into a volume business. Though most severe in creative stock, pricing is on a clear downward trend across most image categories. While there will always be a professional buyer segment that seeks premium imagery and related services, many art directors and designers have shifted from traditional to micro-payment imagery for certain projects.

Is Microstock Pricing Simple?

By Jim Pickerell | 995 Words | Posted 5/28/2008 | Comments
Microstock sellers insist that simple pricing is a key to their success, but many of the current strategies bely that notion.

PicApp Adds RSS Functionality

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 28 Words | Posted 5/27/2008 | Comments

Science Photo Library Images in 2 Exhibits

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 132 Words | Posted 5/27/2008 | Comments (1)
This summer, images from the collection of London-based Science Photo Library will be on view in two exhibits in England.

Cordon Press Reps Corbis News Imagery in Spain

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 209 Words | Posted 5/27/2008 | Comments
Corbis is seeking to further penetrate the growing editorial market segment in Spain. A new partnership with Spain's editorial-image leader, Cordon Press, takes effect in July.

BigStockPhoto Beefs Up Search Technology

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 68 Words | Posted 5/23/2008 | Comments

New Collections, Services to Launch at CEPIC Congress

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 350 Words | Posted 5/23/2008 | Comments
Asia Images Group, CuboImages and Latinstock will be among the image producers unveiling new collections at the June CEPIC Congress. In addition, industry supplier Akamedia will demo its video-distribution system, which allows an image agency to create its own video offering.

BAPLA Changes Management, Reviews Strategy

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 300 Words | Posted 5/23/2008 | Comments
Linda Royles, CEO of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies, is stepping down after a decade-long tenure. Also moving on is membership manager Christina Berry. BAPLA views the departures as an opportunity to review the organization's strategic direction.

Getty Shareholders to Vote on Buyout

By Jim Pickerell | 103 Words | Posted 5/23/2008 | Comments (2)
Getty Images, Inc. has called a special meeting of its stockholders, to be held at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time Friday, June 20, 2008, at its Seattle headquarters to consider and vote on the proposal to adopt the previously disclosed Agreement and Plan of Merger.

Decline of TV Commercials

By Jim Pickerell | 323 Words | Posted 5/22/2008 | Comments
Tired of having to watch 18 minutes of commercials in every hour- long TV series? Next season, Fox will be cutting the commercials down to 10 minutes and giving viewers more entertainment.

Looking Ahead: Accepting Industry Changes

By Jim Pickerell | 227 Words | Posted 5/22/2008 | Comments
In a recent speech to business leaders in Atlanta, Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO, said today's leaders need to look beyond quarterly financial reports and other backward-looking indicators and focus on the pace of innovation in their industries and the diversity of their customer base.

THP Holds Agent Meeting at CEPIC

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 48 Words | Posted 5/22/2008 | Comments

Getty Images Sponsors AAF Student Prize

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 121 Words | Posted 5/22/2008 | Comments

Mary Evans Enters User-Generated Market Segment

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 272 Words | Posted 5/22/2008 | Comments (1)
London-based Mary Evans Picture Library has launched The History Album. The Web site, which aims to become an online repository of user-uploaded historic photographs, borrows from the community-based photo-sharing business model, with some commercially oriented enhancements.

BAPLA, Electric Lane Launch Workflow Training

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 359 Words | Posted 5/21/2008 | Comments
This summer, the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies will be hosting a series of training courses that focus on image-licensing workflow. To present the courses, BAPLA has partnered with London neighbor Electric Lane, a digital-imaging and picture-archiving consultancy established by former BAPLA CEO Sarah Saunders.

Traditional Sellers Report Declining Share of Sales

By Jim Pickerell | 661 Words | Posted 5/21/2008 | Comments (2)
RM and traditional RF sellers are only addressing 10% to 15% of the total market for stock images. Some readers asked how I arrived at that number. First, this is the percent of images licensed, not revenue. That 10% to 15% of images used represents about 90% of current revenue. The other 85% of images used is responsible for only 8% to 10% of revenue. However, there are strong indications the revenue relationships are about to change dramatically - and not in favor of RM and traditional RF sellers.

BrightQube Scores FITC Award, Launches New Payment Option

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 406 Words | Posted 5/21/2008 | Comments
This week, stock image site BrightQube launches a credits-based payment system, similar to that used by microstock companies. It also won the 2008 FITC People's Choice Award. According to Sharon Tczap, BrightQube vice president of marketing, the company's increasing momentum in the stock-licensing industry is the result of its user-centric philosophy.

Internet Advertising Reaches Record High

By Jim Pickerell | 222 Words | Posted 5/20/2008 | Comments
Internet advertising revenues reached an all-time high of $21.7 billion in 2007, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers. This was 26% higher than 2006 and surpassed radio advertising and cable television advertising in total U.S. ad spending.

Charting Industry Revenue Trends

By Jim Pickerell | 346 Words | Posted 5/20/2008 | Comments (3)
On a company basis, the best year-to-year percentage of growth overall came from Alamy with 18%, even though Getty Images had a respectable 10% growth overall on a much higher gross revenue. And, of course, one division of Getty, iStockphoto, had an amazing 124% growth. But we need to look closer at the actual numbers.

OnRequest Vies for Real Estate, Architecture Biz

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 59 Words | Posted 5/19/2008 | Comments

JK Rowling Wins Photo Privacy Case on Appeal

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 68 Words | Posted 5/19/2008 | Comments

Canon Sponsors Getty Images Gallery

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 70 Words | Posted 5/19/2008 | Comments

ASMP Opposes Senate Orphan Works Bill

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 453 Words | Posted 5/19/2008 | Comments
The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a revised version of its orphan-works bill last Friday. The American Society of Media Photographers, which feels that "just about every single change benefits users to the detriment of photographers and artists," is urging its members to oppose the revisions.

PhotoAlto Forms Assignment Division

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 35 Words | Posted 5/16/2008 | Comments

Art Life Adds 7 Collections, Plans New Launch

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 53 Words | Posted 5/16/2008 | Comments

Kuvaporssi Joins THP

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 46 Words | Posted 5/16/2008 | Comments

Fotolia Presents Reseller API at CEPIC Congress

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 137 Words | Posted 5/16/2008 | Comments
Fotolia's new Reseller API targets traditional image agencies eager to get a piece of the microstock pie.

Alamy Reports 18% Rise in Q1

By Jim Pickerell | 530 Words | Posted 5/16/2008 | Comments
Alamy had gross sales in Q1 2008 of $8,097,000, up 18% from Q1 2007. 56% of the revenue for the quarter came from images submitted by photographers and 44% from agencies.

a21 Q1 Down 17%

By Jim Pickerell | 198 Words | Posted 5/16/2008 | Comments
a21, Inc. has reported Q1 results of $5,107,000, down 17% from it's the same period last year. The SuperStock division had revenues of $2,615,000, down 11% from Q4 2007 and 17% from a year earlier.

Big Easy Unbundles Stock Software

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 48 Words | Posted 5/15/2008 | Comments

Alaska Stock Expands to Japan With Aflo

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 47 Words | Posted 5/15/2008 | Comments

Gordon Appointed Tetra Creative Director

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 91 Words | Posted 5/15/2008 | Comments
Scott Gordon is taking the lead in building the brand of Jersey City-based stock-production company Tetra Images, founded two years ago by Comstock co-founder and veteran stock photographer Tom Grill.

Shutterstock Raises Contributor Commissions

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 258 Words | Posted 5/15/2008 | Comments
New York-based subscription microstock Shutterstock has announced details of its 2008 contributor raise. Though the company has hyped the commission increase for several months, many contributors are disappointed with the numbers.

Tech Coast Angels Funds BrightQube

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 166 Words | Posted 5/15/2008 | Comments
San Diego-based Tech Coast Angels, an angel network that funds South California start-ups, announced that it completed funding of a $650,000 convertible note for online stock-image distributor BrightQube.

Kessler Takes PACA Reigns

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 112 Words | Posted 5/14/2008 | Comments (1)

iStock Launches Audio Service

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 458 Words | Posted 5/14/2008 | Comments
The Getty-owned microstock announced it will launch a royalty-free audio service in September. In addition to holding the record for the total number of stock-licensing transactions, this addition makes iStock the first company to offer still photography, illustration, Flash files, video and audio in one place, under one payment model.

Jupitermedia's Revenues Fall In Q1

By Jim Pickerell | 391 Words | Posted 5/14/2008 | Comments
Jupitermedia's Q1 2008 revenues were $34.5 million down from $36.1 million in Q4 2007 and below the company's estimate of $35 to $36 million announced in March of this year. First-quarter revenue was down slightly from $34.8 million in the same period in 2007. Total revenue for the online images segment of their business continued a steady slide to $26.142 million, down 9% and $1.8 million from Q1 2007 revenue of $27.914 million.

Glow Images Acts on RM Demand

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 102 Words | Posted 5/13/2008 | Comments
Miami-based royalty-free producer Glow Images is expanding into the rights-managed arena with an initial offering of 1,500 images in June. The company plans to add 500 new rights-managed images per month.

Sodatech Launches Visual Search Solution

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 228 Words | Posted 5/13/2008 | Comments
Zurich-based Sodatech, a technology company that services the media industry, has launched a beta version of SodaSearch, a color and similarity image-search engine. Sister-company Sodapix is testing the functionality on its stock-photo Web site.

Royalties Adapt to Changing Biz Models

By Jim Pickerell | 644 Words | Posted 5/13/2008 | Comments
Royalties are changing as the business changes. It's helpful to learn to adapt to new realities in the RM/RF marketplace.

Veer Wins Webby

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 29 Words | Posted 5/12/2008 | Comments

Thurman, Lancome May Head to Court Over Photos

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 82 Words | Posted 5/12/2008 | Comments

Charting the Rise of Bloggers

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 315 Words | Posted 5/12/2008 | Comments
Along with considerable social and economic influence, bloggers have had a significant effect on image licensing. As the social-media segment continues unabated growth, stock-industry insiders can expect bloggers to play an even larger role.

Can Traditional Distributors Learn From Microstock?

By Jim Pickerell | 591 Words | Posted 5/12/2008 | Comments (2)
RM and traditional RF photographers complain about declining incomes and the difficulty in getting information from the companies that represent their work. Traditional distributors might do well to adopt a number of ideas popularized by microstock, to improve relationships between photographers and distributors.

fStop Expands Collection, Distribution

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 154 Words | Posted 5/9/2008 | Comments
Berlin-based royalty-free producer fStop has released several new image galleries. It has also negotiated new distribution agreements, with global partners, including BrightQube, imageselect, Masterfile and photolibrary.

NPPA Joins Orphan-Works Opposition

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 211 Words | Posted 5/9/2008 | Comments
The National Press Photographers Association has joined a growing group that oppose the proposed orphan-works bill.

PhotoShelter Annouces Winners of Elevation 2008

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 176 Words | Posted 5/9/2008 | Comments
PhotoShelter's first student-to-pro photography competition, Elevation 2008, has announced five winners. PhotoShelter editors will also be conducting on-on-one portfolio reviews and providing the winners with three free months of the company's Personal Archive.

Getting Photos to Market

By Jim Pickerell | 680 Words | Posted 5/9/2008 | Comments (1)
For photographers, there are three ways to showcase photos: building your own site, traditional agencies and microstock. All carry pros and cons. The more informed your are, the better it will be.

Clarification: PLUS Coalition Neutral on Orphan Works

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 52 Words | Posted 5/8/2008 | Comments

age fotostock Expands to France

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 46 Words | Posted 5/8/2008 | Comments (1)

Idee Soft-Launches Image Search Engine TinEye

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 357 Words | Posted 5/8/2008 | Comments
Toronto-based Idée has launched a beta version of the first image search-engine that does not rely on keywords or metadata. Instead, TinEye compares user-submitted images with those posted online by using image identification technology.

Justifying 20% RF Royalties

By Jim Pickerell | 674 Words | Posted 5/8/2008 | Comments (6)
Photographers regularly ask why the royalty paid on RF sales is only 20% of the net received by their agent, when the agent pays 40% to 65% on RM sales that are made in the same manner. Royalty percentages have little to do with reality, and nothing to do with the cost of production.

Orphan Works Bill: Legal Opinions Vary

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 982 Words | Posted 5/7/2008 | Comments
According to Nancy Wolff, the legal counsel of the Picture Archive Council of America and the PLUS Coalition, the congressional version of the Orphan Works Bill of 2008 is an improvement. By contrast, Atlanta attorney Carolyn Wright thinks both the House and Senate versions of the bill pose an extreme threat to copyright owners.

Digital Advertising to Eclipse Traditional By 2012

By Jim Pickerell | 207 Words | Posted 5/7/2008 | Comments
By 2012, digital advertising is expected to eclipse traditional advertising, according to 52% of respondents to Accenture's 2008 Global Media Survey of more than 100 senior business executives in North America and Europe.

Revenue Analysis: iStockphoto Growth

By Jim Pickerell | 573 Words | Posted 5/7/2008 | Comments
iStockphoto's Q1 2008 revenue increase was impressive compared to Q4 2007, but many image producers are worried about the declining number of downloads. Till the end of last year, virtually all iStock suppliers with reasonably sized collections could count on downloads and revenue rising steadily month to month.

Lebrecht Launches Author Pictures

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 104 Words | Posted 5/6/2008 | Comments

Evans-Lombe Upped to EVP, COO Getty Images

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 379 Words | Posted 5/6/2008 | Comments
Bo Olofsson, Getty Images senior vice president of sales, intends to resign upon the completion of the planned merger with Hellman & Friedman. Nicholas Evans-Lombe, previously executive vice president of imagery, products and services, has been promoted to executive vice president and COO, which is a new position for Getty Images.

Corbis Names Social Justice Award Winners

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 209 Words | Posted 5/5/2008 | Comments
Corbis has announced the winners of its second Creativity for Social Justice Award & Scholarship. As part of the Annual ADC Awards, this prize honors work created by professionals and students for nonprofits on a pro-bono basis.

SAA Recommends Changes to Orphan Works Bill

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 528 Words | Posted 5/5/2008 | Comments
The Stock Artists Alliance, an advocacy group dedicated to protecting the interests of professional stock photographers, is urging Congress to amend the proposed Orphan Works Act of 2008. Though SAA recognizes the improvements made since the 2006 version of the legislation, it feels the new bill must do a better job of balancing the needs of users with those of copyright holders.

Bridgeman Taps Cafagna As Sales Manager

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 47 Words | Posted 5/2/2008 | Comments

Japan's am-images Merges With Aflo

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 283 Words | Posted 5/2/2008 | Comments
Aflo Co., Ltd., one of Japan's leading stock-image providers, is absorbing the operations of its younger Tokyo neighbor am-images, now dissolved as a separate business entity. The two companies report an amicable merger without disclosing financial details.

Getty's Q1 Revs Rise 9.7%

By Jim Pickerell | 603 Words | Posted 5/2/2008 | Comments
Getty Images has reported revenue of $233.2 million for Q1 2008, up from $218.1 in Q4 2007 and up significantly from the $220 Q1 estimate supplied at the end of January. Revenue increased 9.7% compared to $212.7 million in Q1 2007 and came mainly from increasing licenses of editorial and micropayment imagery.

BAPLA's Picture Fair Unveils New Products

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 159 Words | Posted 5/1/2008 | Comments
On May 7 and 8, London's Business Design Centre will host the annual Picture Buyers' Fair, organized by the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies. Among new products and collections on view will be the first digitized Barnardo's imagery from TopFoto.

Corbis Creative IQ: RV Travel on Rise

By Julia Dudnik Stern | 266 Words | Posted 5/1/2008 | Comments (2)
According to the latest Corbis trend report, Americans are increasingly choosing recreational-vehicle getaways over the typical flight-and-hotel vacation. That reality, says Corbis, will soon be reflected in ad imagery.

Problems of Enforcing Copyright

By Tim Mcguire | 847 Words | Posted 5/1/2008 | Comments
SAA's Corbis Ombudsman Tim McGuire outlines important difficulties in enforcing copyright in the U.S. SAA's volunteer ombudsmen liaison with most major agencies to assist with communications and problem-solving.

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